Saturday, July 11, 2020


I'll probably be giving you a lot of information on an app called "itrackbites" in future posts; but until the end of this month I'm still using the WW app.  However the app doesn't matter; at present I'm getting ready to start the Blue plan on WW.

WW produces several types of members.  If you join any of the numerous unofficial WW groups on FB, you'll discover this quickly because people will be quick to point out how you're doing the program wrong; they love to point out how wrong you are.

Here's the types:

Those that only eat off the no count food list.  This is mostly those doing blue or purple.  For some reason they think that because something is on the no count list - it's the better options to eat.  That is partially true.  The foods on the list are a good way to start building a meal but if you only eat those foods, you're going to get bored with the live-it rather quickly.  The program has the points built in, do it!

Those that do things exactly by the book.  These are the people that will never go off the plan; the do it exactly as written.  They are the Holy Grail of WW and they also are very annoying.

Those that do the program but make it their own.  They use the guidelines as a base and through trial and error learn what works for them and what doesn't.  They don't want to spend the rest of their lives counting points and tracking.  They want to know what foods they can eat in what amounts and still lose or maintain their weight.

I'm in the third group....I hope you will be too, though if the other two choices work for you; then go for it!  Make it your own!

Although the programs have changed quite a lot over the years...I try to stick to the Good Health Guidelines that the old programs suggested:   6 cups of water, 3-5 servings of fruit/veggies, 2 dairy, 1 multivitamin, 2 tsp of healthy oils.

Now WW had guidelines for these....the oils had to be pourable oils such as vegetable, canola, etc....  Dairy was 1 cup of milk or 1 oz of cheese.  You get the picture.  I never followed these exactly.  I considered a container of yogurt a serving of dairy even though it wasn't exactly a cup.  I considered real butter as an oil if I was using it to cook eggs or something in (not as a potato topping).  You get the picture.

The guidelines went away when smart points came around.  I guess it was because smart points pushing the sugar out to an extreme and proteins went down in points and they figured you were eating healthier; but I still think they are good things to follow.

So one change I'm making is to follow the Good Health Guidelines from long ago.
There's no way to track that in the WW app; but itrackbites does have that as an option called "Health Checks".

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