Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Calories vs. Points

In case you haven't noticed, there is a big debate online regarding calories and points.  In a lot of cases people are discovering they are within in their points but not within their calorie range.  Overeating the zero foods can cause you to go over your calorie range; but most are discovering they are way under in calories.

So it's causing a WW debate.

I follow very few on YouTube, but of the few I do there seems to be much debate on this topic.

One person I follow was having some health issues.  She was discovered to be very anemic (not due to WW) and when the doctor saw her menus, he informed her that she was eating way under 1200 calories a day (1200 is the suggested minimum) which was messing up her metabolism.  Now she didn't come out and blast WW because of it; she seriously had to look at her menus and on most days she ate cucumbers for lunch.  You read that right, just cucumbers. With her doctor's help she is working on this.

Another was having the same issue - points were perfect but the calories were way too low.  She's offering a challenge to eat within your calorie range.

Another, though agreeing that you need to eat appropriately, feels that if you eat how you're really suppose to on WW, you'll get the calories in. 

Another has been tracking both points and calories on itrackbites and is finally making the break from points.

Everyone's opinion is different; no one is bashing WW.  They all feel that WW gave them the tools necessary at a certain time.

Right now, I've decided to ditch the WW app and move over to itrackbites.  With itrackbites I can do the Points Plus plan that I love and watch my calories as well.  When I did Points Plus the lowest daily points were 29; they later lowered that to 26.  I'm choosing to start at 29 and see how it goes.

Today's menu:

Breakfast:  Almonds/Walnut pack 3; Instant Oatmeal 3; Banana 0
Lunch:  KFC chicken breast-no skin 3; KFC chicken wing-no skin-2; KFC mashed potatoes/gravy 3
Dinner:  Hamburger 5; roll 3; steak fries 3
Snack: Pure Protein Shake with spinach, orange flavoring, ice and fat free whipped topping 3

Total points for day:  28
Total calories for day:  1249

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