The Walking Dead

I'm a huge Walking Dead fan, have been since the beginning.  But lately.....I'm getting bored.

I'll stick with it to the very end, I've invested too much time into it...but I don't know how much longer this series can go on.

There's several issues with a zombie story - you're either fighting zombies, fighting other people or living peacefully - all which become boring and rather tedious when it is over and over and over and over again.

Season One was awesome!  With the characters you're looking for answers, you're wondering when help will arrive and you really don't know what the hell is going on or how it happened.

Season Two - you were so excited it got renewed you didn't know what to do.  Though a slow season with some character building, there were really good episodes.  Remember Sophia coming out of the barn?  You cried right?  I know I did.  The Rick & Shane showdown; the horrible Lori, the walkers taking over the farm.  It was a good season.

Season Three - we find a safe haven at the prison.  Merle returns, the first baddie shows up in The Governor.  Despite hating Lori, you cried when she died right?  I know I did!  Who's side is Merle really on?  Then we lose Merle and Andrea.  But we begin anew at the prison.

Season Four - some character building, they finally overthrow the Governor but lose the prison in the process, the walkers take over - everyone is scattered, we meet some new characters.  Everything comes together at Terminus - where things are not quite what we thought.

Season Five - The opening episode of this season was by far the best one!  Total action at Terminus, which is of course defeated.  Our gang moves on looking for a safe haven...we lose Beth, we lose Tyreese, we head to D.C. and find Alexandria.

Season Six - Everything is great in Alexandria, it gets over run with walkers at some point but survives and we lose some minor characters.  We discover other communities and then we have episode after episode after episode leading up to Negan's arrival.  He gets his big entrance which was ruined with a cliffhanger.

Season Seven - we get the answer to the cliffhanger which by this point nobody cared about...just move on.  Now there's so many communities, we can't keep track.  Character building, preparing to fight.

Season Eight - our current season.  No episode has really been stand out.  There's been a lot of action but nothing really connects together.  We lose Eric, but no one cares; we lose the tiger, I'll admit I cried.  Some of the episodes are very forgettable.  Next week is the mid-season finale - I'm actually glad, I need the break!