Structure Yourself!

If you live in the U.S. and are a Weight Watchers member you shouldn't be whining about the new program yet. The plan doesn't start to the first week in December.

In the U.K.? Give it a break! You cannot start a new plan by complaining and fighting it..give it a good honest try. And by honest, I mean doing it honestly.

One of the biggest complaints I'm seeing is people complaining that they have no control over the 0 pt foods..they don't know when they are "satisfied", they need structure.

Guess what? Being given a daily point value and being told to eat whatever within those points isn't structure because "points" become more important then what you are eating. You learn how to manipulate those points to your advantage.  

One thing I liked about classic points and points plus was that there were healthy guidelines to follow and check off as you achieved them. Smart Points did a way with them because healthy things were low in points and it was assumed you would eat that as snacky things were way too many points.

Just because something is 0 pts and you're told to eat until satisfied doesn't mean you can't weigh, measure and track. You need structure? Then structure yourself!

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