So The News Is......

So the news on the web is that Weight Watchers has some "tweaks" coming to their Smartpoints program. It rolled out in UK this week so I'm guessing the rumors are true. Coming to the US the first week in December.

Basically they are keeping Smartpoints and nudging you closer to Simply Filling by giving you more No Count foods. Your daily points will go down but your weeklies will remain the same. 

So what's No Count? Fruit, most veggies (not potatoes, but peas & corn will now be no count), plain fat free yogurt (regular & greek, but not flavored ones), and lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, seafood, beans and eggs. Yep, you read that right!

Why am I using the tetminology "no count" instead of "free or 0 pts"? I do because people tend to overdo it when eating something that is free or 0 pts. No count just means you don't have to count it, but it's not free or 0 pts because there are calories. If you don't trust yourself to stop eating these items....weigh and measure to eat proper portions.

Don't throw out your old materials, calculators and such...I can't understand why people do that immediately!

I've always had a love hate relationship with smartpoints but I do like Simply Filling. I really think I'm going to like this program.

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