Everyone Needs To Take A Breath And A Step Back

I always love when Weight Watchers changes their program.  I'm not talking the little "tweaks" that occur year to year but the bigger things - a real change.

As per my last post and just about everywhere on the internet; changes coming to WW in the USA begins the week of December 3rd.  However the plan already is a "go" in the UK.

All you have to do is read the UK WW FaceBook page (and even some of the unofficial FB pages for the US) and you can see the "whining" has already started.  Let me share a few:

you have taken away the smart points system that works for me,flex does not as i cant eat half of the free list

Smart Points has not gone away.  There are still points and they are still calculated the same way and they are still called smart points.  You can't eat half of the food on the free list?  Let's see.....chicken breast, turkey breast, seafood, beans, vegetables and fruit.  You can't eat any of that????  Really????  What have you been eating?

It’s proved far too restrictive for my wife as her health issues means she can’t eat most of the new 0 SP foods and to lose 7 points, down to 23, means it doesn’t make her feel satisfied and still feeling hungry.

Health issues can be an issue when it comes to weight loss and a doctor should be advising on what diet plan is best for your wife.  I would suggest this person track both ways to see exactly how things compare or give the Simply Filling option a try which would open up more options.  Or let us know what your wife's dietary needs are, so we can suggest menus.

Am I the only one that feels that the new plan is starting to feel more like slimming world!

Slimming World - Weight Watchers big competition in the UK.  Yes, it is somewhat like SW, but that really isn't a bad thing is it?

Anyone else really annoyed with this new plan firstly I only joined 2 months ago and I’m now  tied into a plan for another 4 months that I don’t want to be a part of and secondly not even the decency to tell me that the plan is changing, i was doing ok on this plan but this isn’t going to work for me now as I have no time to cook and rely heavily on pre packed meals 

I had been on WW 12 weeks when they switched from original points to points plus; and I was there this time around about 6 weeks when it switched from points plus to smart points.  Guess what?  There was no warning, there was no choice and yeah, I was paid up in advance and stuck with what was being offered.  It happens to all of us!

If you rely heavily on pre-packaged meals, that's most of your weight problems; but I get it - you want it simple and easy....those options are still still out there!

Those comments above are just from the UK site; most of these people haven't been on it two weeks yet!
On the US sites?  You're either not allowed to discuss it (???) or people are complaining they are being forced to eat chicken and fish.  

My advice - stop worrying about it.  Give it an honest try.  If you're struggling, track both ways to do a comparison.  Afraid of overeating those now free foods?  Continue to weigh, measure and track - I do, even when I do Simply Filling.

It will all be okay.