And........We Lost An Eye

I know my posts have been less and less.....but we've been going through some things.

Hubby lost his job back in September.  Fortunately, he is working another via a temp agency and hopefully they'll sign him on permanently in January.  He'll have a lot of overtime coming up for the holidays.

We've had 2 set backs with dogs.  Hubby loses job, Dexter hurts his back, Ozzy the guinea pig gets mange and Lucy developed an eye issue.

Deciding a second $72.00 visit for Ozzy was unfeasible especially when we are hurting for money, I called my sister (she works at the vet) and told her I was dropping him off to be put down.  When I walked in the next morning at the vet's; I broke down and told my sister what all we're dealing with.  She immediately set Dexter & Lucy in for appointments and told me not to worry about the cost; I could repay her with house sitting.  Ozzy still went to rainbow bridge - if you would of seen what he looked like, you would agree with that decision.

Dexter has dealt with back issues before, some pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and pen rest has helped him a lot.  We also took the vet's suggestion and bought him a halter for walks rather than using a collar - it's been a tremendous help.

Then there was Lucy's one eye.  Apparently she hurt it somehow, whether a cat batted her, she rubbed it wrong, or stuck her nose into something on a walk and hurt it....we don't know.  What we do know now is that if your dog is "winking" at you, you need a vet ASAP.  It could be something minor; an eye can heal itself pretty quickly.....or things can go downhill in a very fast way; we were about to find that out.

We were given eye drops first, but no improvement and we went back.  Lucy had rubbed at her eyes and now the injury had resulted into what they call a "melting corneal ulcer".  The goal was to prevent a rupture and hopefully the eye would heal over; she may lose sight but we'd keep the eye.
We were given 3 types of eye drops; one was actually a serum made from her own blood.  We were to start with the serum, wait 5 minutes, do the next drop, wait 5 minutes and then the last drop.  She also had to wear a "cone of shame" to prevent further injury.  It was imperative that she not bump it, scratch it or anything as it could rupture if that happened.  We'd have follow-up appointments every 2 days to see progress.  No improvement at the first appointment, just continue.  By the next appointment her eye had a discharge and they thought that perhaps it may had ruptured; continue with drops...back in 2 days.

I'll admit, the pressure was a little too much for me.  Though Lucy was still her old self and rocking that cone like it didn't exist....I was in constant fear of a rupture and I couldn't look at that eye - it was horrible.  Leaving the vet's after the 2 appointment (with the discharge), Lucy went to sleep and well slept.  She didn't eat or drink.  In the morning, I was holding her between one of the eye drops so she wouldn't scratch her eye.  I started crying, telling her I was so sorry this was happening to her and I was so tired.......She leaned into me, put her head on my shoulder and sighed as if to say "You know what Mom, I'm tired too".  I began to wonder if I was doing right by this dog.....are we doing the right thing?

When I got to work, I called my sister and presented my concerns.  She said I really should talk to a vet and made an appointment for the evening.  When I got home, Lucy was old self again!  Peed, pooped, walked and ate. I did text my sister to let her know and then she informed that the plan is for the vet to keep Lucy tonight, blood work tomorrow and eye surgery the next day - I wasn't to argue or worry about cost.   Hubby and I decided to just keep the appointment.  We were in the waiting room not 2 minutes when that damn ulcer ruptured, her eye started bleeding.  So she was admitted and scheduled for eye removal surgery the next morning.

Knowing through the week that losing the eye may have been an option and putting that on social media, brought people out of the woodwork that had one eyed dogs or knew someone that did.  Research indicated that dogs adjust very well to this.

I'm happy to say that Lucy came through the surgery with flying colors.  It was almost as if she didn't even have surgery.  We think the sight in that eye was already gone, so she's adjusting with the one eye rather quickly; and because she adjusted well with the cone; we have no issues with that after surgery.  Her meds give her much sleep, but she's always up for a walk and to eat!  Though she could of been picked up the day of surgery, I opted to have them keep her that night and picked her up the next day.  If all continues well, she'll have her stitches removed in 2 weeks and that damn cone can go away!

So "one eyed dog" will be a theme on the blog as well.