And It's October.....

Wow!  Where did the month of September go?  And where are my blog posts, lol!


Weight loss is still on going...I did have some ups but managed a loss this past week despite going thru my 35th High School Reunion Weekend!

Yep, you read that right "Weekend" not just one evening.

My class still do reunions, most other classes from our school either don't do a reunion or do a combined one including all years.  We still do just our class and it has become a weekend event.

It started on Friday with a motorcycle drive and then golf (I did neither of those because I do neither); then Friday a classmate opened his home to us to hang out and have fun (it was like the reunion before the reunion, lol).  Saturday evening was the actual reunion that was at another classmates home - which was a blast and then we ended on Sunday with a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards!

Not everyone did everything obviously - Motorcycle, golf and ball game were just a small number; but this year I chose to do everything but the drive and golf.

And I'm happy to say that despite all the food, I managed a 1.8 lb loss!  Yep you read that right!  I just went into the weekend determined that I wasn't going to let it throw me off my diet.  I ate what I wanted and moved away from the food - and it worked, lol!