Don't Confuse The Point Plans

Due to a family reunion and having to switch my weigh-in clothes from shorts to jeans, I ended up with a point 4 (4/10ths) of a gain this week.  Not bad considering what all I ate at the reunion!

But.......I'm back on track!

I've done this explanation once before but I'm sure most people don't read old posts so I'm going to give it to you again:  The Difference In Weight Watchers Points Plans.

It isn't that WW has just changed the name only on the plans....they've changed the entire calculations - they aren't the same and point values of food can change from plan to plan.  So when searching recipes online, Pinterest, FaceBook, etc... and it gives you a point value, please research to make sure the point value is for the plan you are on!

Points (sometimes referred to as Classic Points):  This is the plan that started it all, the original point plan that was out there for 10+ years!  Its calculation involved Calories, Fat & Fiber.  Though there were calculators to help with this, WW gave you a cardboard slider to help with the point calculation as well.  There wasn't an app, Smart Phones didn't exist.

Points Plus:  This was the plan introduced in 2011.  Fruits became 0 points and those carby 100 calorie packs jumped by 1-3 points.  Calculations were by Fat, Carbs, Fiber & Protein.  The calculations were too difficult for a cardboard slider so everyone needed a calculator or better yet - the phone app! Finally!  Some had issues because they over did it with the fruit, just because WW says you don't have to count them doesn't mean they don't have calories; if you followed the good health guidelines you did great!  This is by far my very favorite of the programs.

Smart Points:  Introduced in 2016 and the current plan.  Fruits are still 0 points and calculations are done by Calories, Saturated Fat, Sugar and Protein.  Protein is very low in points but sweets took a huge hit!  The slogan "Eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight" doesn't apply here; sweets are way too high in points.  This is my least favorite of the plans mostly due to the fact that I truly feel like I'm on a "diet".

If you join WW online or meetings your only option is Smart Points.  There are unofficial apps that will let you do Points or Points Plus.  It's a preference on the plans actually; I hate when I see someone post that they prefer one of the older ones and someone on Smart Points comes back with "well you just don't want to eat healthy" - I don't agree with that.  Losing weight is hard and it's important to find a plan that you can live you go along you can make it healthier.