Weigh-In and New Product!

Last night's weigh-in resulted in another 2 lb. loss - I'm so excited!!!  And yep, I got my 5 lb. star...on to the next 5!

Going into the meeting last night I came across the new WW product:

Mug Cake!!  It's a pack of 3 and yep, WW even is selling a mug to go with it.  I got the mug and the mix for $9.95, which is the special now.

When I started WW, there was the mug cake recipe which consisted of mixing together angel food cake mix with your cake mix flavor of choice, keeping it in a sealed container.  Then taking a few tablespoons of it, mix a tablespoon or two of water with it, pop it in the microwave and viola - cake!

This is the same idea; I hope they come up with more flavors!