So You Found The Diet That Worked For YOU.....

Diets aren't a "one size fits all"; what works for one doesn't always work for another and since it becomes a way of life, you need to find and decide not only what works but what you're capable of doing for a lifetime.

In another division of where I work, the girls in the office have been doing what is called Ketogenic Diet.  They've dropped lots of weight in a very short amount of time and look great!  What this diet is is very low carb and high fat, it puts your body in what is called "ketosis" forcing it to burn fat.  Atkins is a non-extreme version of a keto diet.

Anyway, at first I was interested, after all I know carbs are my downfall; but after reading I found the diet too restrictive for my lifestyle.  Though you can do versions that aren't as restrictive (that all depends on the amount of carbs you want in a day)...I just don't know that I can do it forever!

I wish them all very well and am interested in their journey; but I didn't like that one of them mentioned that another in the office was doing Weight Watchers and well you know, WW isn't a good diet.

I get it, you found what works for you, BUT don't knock other plans that aren't suited for you, but may be for someone else!


Okay, my rant is over, lol!