I'm tired.....

I'm exhausted actually.....

One week I'm preparing for vacation,
The next week I'm on vacation,
The next week I'm house sitting,
The next week I'm trying to get things done around the house because....
The next week I'm house sitting.

I'm totally drained.  I'm eating on the run and not in a good way either.

5 weeks of total stress, well except the vacation week; but do we really get a lot of rest on vacation?

I just started this week's house sitting for CC...I hate to wish time away, but I cannot wait until I'm home next Saturday and can get back into a routine again!

That routine does include Weight Watchers again in total commitment.  Yeah, I know....but it's time.

Today's been pretty busy.  I slept in a little, then cleaned the turtle tank.  That's about a two hour job.  I then ran to the store to buy grandboy Bryce his birthday gift, grabbed lunch, came home, did some packing, ran up to CC's to let the dogs out, came back home and walked my own dogs and NOW I'm wasting time waiting to go see Bryce.

I'm still totally drained......

Once back into routine, I want to clean and paint the one room upstairs and put the computer back up there and guinea pigs as well.  The whole house needs a re-paint.  We will soon be here TEN years!

Since I've been so busy and in and out from the house, I had to change the pigs back to CareFresh bedding.  Hubby has to take care of everyone in the mornings and I didn't want to add the poop scooping to the process!  With the fleece bedding you need to spot clean up the poos 2-3 times a day.  With the CareFresh, I just buy the largest bag and split it between the cages - there's quite a lot and it lasts the week with me doing a spot check and scoop mid-week.  So why bother with the fleece?  Well, it will save money in the long run though I am still working out some kinks!