How To Make A Smoothie A Meal

I love the Weight Watcher smoothie mixes; but they don't make a meal!  Just the mix with water or milk may be great to get you to the next meal or as a special treat, but I've discovered how to build a pretty impressive meal with the smoothie mixes.

The basics:  These are the ingredients I put in every smoothie I make.

A Weight Watchers smoothie pack (obviously).  The flavor will depend on what kind of smoothie you are making.

8 oz. of water

8 oz. of skim milk  (or your milk of choice)

(you may be thinking that you should choose between water and milk - nope, use them both)

6-7 ice cubes

a single serving container of yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit are my favorites) or low fat/fat free cottage cheese

(when it comes to the yogurt you could use plain, vanilla or any flavor that will go with the type of smoothie you are making; and if using cottage cheese sounds gross-you'll never taste it)

A handful of uncooked spinach or kale

(that may sound gross too but again you'll never taste it, and it will give you a serving of vegetables)

You can drink it as is with the ingredients above...but who am I kidding?  Add one or two fruits to the smoothie!  It can be frozen fruit or fresh; you can also use canned but drain and rinse it off first!

If you want a little more protein, add a tablespoon or two of your favorite protein mix or even ground oatmeal!

Now something you should know; both the Smart Points and Points Plus plans list fruits as 0 pts, however when blending fruits you are to count them.  Why?  Because you can tend to overdue it with blended fruits.  Where you may only eat one banana; you can drink a banana, strawberries, blueberries etc.. all together.

Fruits are only 0 pts on Weight Watchers because Weight Watchers tells you to count them as such.  If you were to take the nutritional value of fruit and put in your point calculator - you'd get a point value.  Weight Watchers feels that it is better for you to eat fruit then something snacky...which is why they give fruit a 0 pt value.

Me?  I don't count the fruit in my smoothies.  I don't over drink when it comes to smoothies so that option works for me.  You choose what is best for you!