How I Failed Weight Watchers and Then Failed Me

Usually you'll read how Weight Watchers set you up to fail.....well I beg to differ.  I don't think Weight Watchers fail their members; I believe the members fail Weight Watchers and therefore fail themselves.

In September 2010 I walked into a Weight Watchers center and began my journey.  I knew I was overweight, I knew I had to lose weight; but I didn't have a certain "thing" to happen that got me there.  I just decided one day to do it.

My cousin Chris (here on forever known on this blog as CC) and I had been going to the mall every Thursday to see a movie.  It so happened that there was a Weight Watchers center in the mall with a Thursday night meeting.  I suggested it to her, she agreed and from September 2010 forward we would go to the meeting, have dinner at Subway and go to a movie.

When we started, Weight Watchers was still doing the original point program (pts), 12 weeks in we were switched to Points Plus (pp).  By August 2011 we were both Lifetime members at goal.

It went downhill from there, going to meetings seemed useless, counting points became cumbersome and well...the weight started coming back.  Had I been smart, I would of stopped it at some point, but I didn't.  I can't tell you how many times I restarted Weight Watchers, but I couldn't get that same enthusiasm that I had the first time around.  I tried different meetings and leaders, nothing helped.  By this point CC was done with meetings and I was doing it alone.

In September 2015, we regrouped and went back again.  We've been attending that meeting for almost 2 years and guess what?  Neither of us have lost 10 lbs yet!  And they've switched us to Smart Points (sp)!

CC is on vacation this week.  I went to the meeting alone.  I love this meeting.  I love the leader and all the members there.  I share their highs and lows and some are in the same struggle as CC and myself.  This particular meeting however I weighed in at my 2010 start date.  I was mortified...that weight is higher than the weight I started at in I'm actually in the hole!  How did that happen???

I can tell you how it happened......I've been off plan for way too long.  Weight Watchers has always been there with the support and tools necessary; but despite being there I took nothing home with me.

So this blog is my new start; my next journey.  I'm not defeated yet!  They'll be ups, they'll be downs; but I will get through it with Weight Watchers working with me.  I will not fail them again!  I will not fail myself again!