A Quick End of Week Update

So I'm still going strong diet wise!  Yay Me!

Tonight I'm having a crab cake sandwich with baked shoestring french fries (yep the frozen kind) and I've made some low point brownies!

All you do is take a package of Sugar Free Brownie Mix and mix it with a 15 oz. can of pure pumpkin (yep, just two ingredients).  I'm making mine using my mini bundt cake pan (it makes 6 little bundt cakes).  Points?  They'll be 5 pts a piece!  I'm topping it with some Fat Free Whipped Topping and blueberries!  We had these at a Weight Watchers picnic last year and loved them!  Unfortunately they weren't the point value we thought, but the ones I just made are!

Enjoy your weekend!

***UPDATE***  The brownies were a total fail - Yuck!!