That Huge Bridge!

Got back from Ocean City, MD yesterday after a week.....tiring, but needed.

To get to OC, we must cross that dreaded Bay Bridge.  Yep it's almost 5 miles long and yes it is very very high and yes one wrong thing happens and you could go tumbling over the side (there's not much to prevent that from happening).  There is a company that will happily drive your car across the bridge-I may seek their services some time.

Photo courtesy of the wiki link above

I really don't mind crossing the bridge or even driving across it as long as traffic is moving and weather is clear.

I can happily say that anytime I've driven it traffic is at normal speeds and the weather has always been nice.  Coming back yesterday, however........  we were at the very top of the bridge, traffic was heavy and things started to slow down.......  yeah, panic began to set in.  Fortunately things kept moving though it took longer than usual to get across....nothing makes you feel better than being on that down slope and knowing land is within your reach, lol!

But other than that the week was great!  Weather was extremely hot, water was cold......

I really enjoy this vacation though I really miss my hubby and animals.  It was a busy week for him as well as he had to take care of the whole crew.  So he wouldn't have to clean a guinea pig cage, I overloaded their cages down with CareFresh bedding - fleece requires cleaning several times a the CareFresh was necessary for him!

But we had a great beach tomorrow and then back to work on Tuesday!