So You Want A Guinea Pig...

I love Guinea Pigs - they are my favorite small type pet (commonly called pocket pets); but they do require some work!

If you're thinking of getting one, here's some points to consider:

1.  Get 2.  Guinea Pigs are social animals and regardless how much time you can spend with you're GP, it'll never be enough.  When pairing 2 females or 1 female & 1 neutered male works best.  Two males may fight, even if they've gotten along for quite sometime.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed with Nigel & Ozzy!

2.  Small children?  GP have sharp teeth and may accidentally bite a finger thinking it's a carrot or something.  Also, monitor your children; no one wants their GP squeezed to death!

Still think it's for you?  Next thing to decide is the cage:  Remember, BIGGER is always better!
Just walk right past those starter kits in the pet store; they are way too small.

The big thing these days is what is referred to as C&C cages that you make yourself. 

I don't have these, nor have I ever made one (though I'm thinking about it) but it is a rather neat and crafty way to get a lot of bang for your buck.  A good source for building is Guinea Pig Cages.  And if you're not able to build one or find the materials to do it, well...there's a site that has it all for you:   Guinea Pig Cages Store    All shapes, sizes and colors!  The sister site offers cage accessories:  Guinea Pig Market

But let's just don't have the room to display something of that magnitude or maybe you just want to store buy until you can build or maybe, just want something store bought.  Again...bigger is ALWAYS better.

The Marchioro Cage (Tommy 120) is the cage to have!  I use to have 2 of these - expensive? Yes, but HUGE and they had stands for them that were available if you wanted it.  LOVED them....but like I said in a previous post; I gave them away and now they are practically non-existent.  The cage ran 47 inches in length.  You may come across them at yard sales, online sales and such.
This photo really doesn't show the length....but if you come across one, remember - the large one has the two door openings, the smaller ones do not.  That will help you know whether or not you have the right sized one.

Though that cage may be hard to find.....I have come across some others that are more readily available:

The Midwest Cage.  It's the closet one on the market to the C&C cages and is fast becoming a favorite.  Check around on prices because it can range anywhere from $35 to $70 depending on where you get it from.  There are 2 versions of this cage - one with a top and one without, so watch for that!  This cage has a canvas bottom rather than a plastic one.  However, you can buy 2 of these and hook them together, making one HUGE cage for your GP!  There is another one like this made by All Living Things.

Living World makes 3 sizes of this cage.  I bought the medium size (length of 37 inches) used; but there is a larger one (47 inches) like the one pictured.  Again, prices will vary but expect to spend around $80 for this one.  And if you come across one at a yard sale?  The largest one has the 2 top openings like above.

If you happen to come across a large rabbit cage, please be aware that you must remove any wire bottom (you know that piece that let's the poos drop thru).  Guinea Pigs feet are not designed to live on a wire bottom and can result in injured and broken legs.  As a matter of fact, rabbits shouldn't be on them either!

As I come across suitable cages, I'll post them.  And please add your finds in the comments!

"Guinea Pigs" is going to be a weekly feature here on the blog, hope you enjoy it!