And.......It's July 1st

Seriously, how can we possibly be thru half the year already?????

Some updates to get things started:

I am still struggling weight loss wise as I guess I always will; I get a week or two of weight loss then go all off track.  I so need to get that under control.  I'm trying but the constant thought of food is becoming overwhelming.  Am I the only one that thinks that a "diet" does no more than make you constantly think of food?  I mean, you're tracking, weighing, measuring and planning meals....shouldn't you're mind not be on it???

In 15 days I'll be heading out for the Annual Sister & Nieces & Great-Nephews beach trip!  So looking forward to that!

I got 3 new guinea pigs - yep, THREE!!  If you've been reading here for any length of time (or know me personally), then you know I've loved guinea pigs ever since I was little.  I've had them since I was 8.  When hubby and I moved into our house (soon to be 10 years ago), I had 15 guinea pigs!  As they died out, I decided to keep the herd at smaller numbers and to prevent from increases gave the cages away (big mistake there, because I had nice HUGE cages).  Anyway, eventually I had none and it was like that for a year or two.  Then I begin to see people selling or giving them away on FB and I watched this one poor guy get overlooked time and time again.  He was just a plain brown guinea pig where all the others were multi-colored.  I eventually went and got him, named him Rossi and then added a hairless guinea pig to the mix (Morgan).  I lost both of them this past year.

Hubby advised me not to get rid of the cages this time around, lol!  I kept watching for giveaways, but apparently no one had any, not even for a small price....and the pet stores want almost $40 for one pig - OUTRAGEOUS!  Our local PetSmart started getting hairless ones in, which is very rare, and at the price of $75 - which is rather cheap actually.....but I just couldn't decided. friend Kim (who works at the Humane Society) called me.  They were over run (as all shelters are this time of year) with kittens and we're trying to free up the small animal room.  They had 2 guinea pigs, could I adopt them?  Well of course I could!  So Ozzy & Nigel arrived.  Then a week later I was looking at Craigs List and someone had a hairless for FREE!  Their other guinea pig couldn't get a long with it, so they needed a home.  So I snatched up Bernie!


Nigel & Ozzy

I really want to get them a really big cage and add all kinds of cage accessories.  Only issue we are having is that for some reason our dog Dexter is obsessed with them (never was with any others).  He tried to grab poor Ozzy right out of my hands.  So I need to get the upstairs straightened out again and move everything there.  I can gate Dexter out.

Definitely expect some guinea pig postings!

So what's been happening with you?