The Best Diet

This little blurb was the first thing in the book Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink that I'm currently reading.  There's also a website:  Mindless Eating Website.

No truer words could be true!

But let's face it, when you're on a diet (or lifestyle change or food plan, whatever you prefer to call it) you're constantly thinking food.  You're tracking, you're weighing, you're measuring, you're planning.  It's work and it's work that makes you constantly think of food.  So you know you're on it.

I once did a faith based "diet" at a church that said the same thing....diets make you think about food all the time.  With this particular program, you were to prayer if meant by temptation and eat only until you were satisfied not stuffed.  You could eat whatever you wanted, within reason of course; the goal was to take your mind off food and keep it focused on God.  This diet did work, however, the fact that they want you to believe that if you gained weight or stopped losing it was because God was punishing you didn't sit well with me at all; but I did agree with the diets make you think about food!

I came across Mindless Eating on a blog somewhere; I'd gladly give credit where it is due; but can't find which blog it was now.  I immediately ordered a used copy off of Amazon and well, the first quote is right at the top of this post!  The website is full of lots of information and there are Checklist sheets you can print out and use, which look very useful.

I've dumped points of any kind (but not Weight Watchers) and am using Simply Filling so I can get away from the weighing, measuring and goal is to aim for the healthy stuff with a treat here or there.  I just can't count points of any kind anymore...I've outgrown it.