Jury Duty

Let's discuss the dreaded thing.....that thing you hope never comes in the mail....the dreaded Jury Duty letter!!!

Yep, I got one of those.  It was the second time I've gotten one, the last time being over 10 years ago.  My sweet hubby, who's lived in this area his entire life, has never gotten that letter; but in the 19 years I've lived here, I've gotten it twice.

Though all states may not do their's the same, where I live you get the letter to appear and have 5 days to fill out a questionnaire and return it.  I did mine online.  I mentioned several times that due to my job, I would be unable to remain impartial in making a decision....definitely hoping they'd excuse me - no luck, I had to go.

However, in between filling out that questionnaire and going to court; I had a change of heart.  I began to think what if it was one of my friends or family going to trial - what kind of jury would I want them to have.  Definitely someone like me!  I went in hoping to get picked.

Course I had forgotten about my answers on that damn questionnaire, they even questioned me on it at one point which I explained; but none-the-less the damage was done and I didn't get chosen.

Sigh......if there is ever a next time - I'll remember this.

But my main reason for writing this is to say, not to fear this.  Embrace it.  Imagine it could be a friend or family member who needs you to be impartial.  This is your civic duty...do it!