The Walking Dead Season 7

I never got to my reviews of each episode; funny how those plans never work out.

Season 7 started off with a bang! Yes, it was violent, but it was great!  We have many new characters to keep track of now and our main group seems to be all over the place.

The Good:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan!  I love how he portrays Negan and I've quickly become a Negan fan.  In my opinion the best episodes this season were the ones he was in; his presence is demanding and he is just awesome!

No cliff hanger ending!  Totally ruined the Negan introduction and most important scene from the comics last season to the point no one really cared by the time the next season happened.  Learned their lesson (hopefully) and ended correctly.

Shiva - ya know that tiger!  How'd a tiger end up in the season?  He's a leftover from a zoo that is the current pet of new characters.

The Bad:

Where to begin here.   Please stop with the character building episodes, they just aren't well done anymore.  They are just stuck in the middle of episodes, upsetting the flow of everything and basically go no where.  You want character building?  It can be done within an episode, no need for an entire episode only focused on that.

Stop with the "whole lot not happening and now will shove stuff into the last 5 minutes".....there's so little episodes, quit wasting them!

Do something with Daryl!  I realize he was a creation for the show and has no comic book counterpart; but quit just sticking him into scenes wherever there's an empty space.  Give Daryl something to do or kill him off.  And PLEASE show him the showers!

Sometimes things just don't flow well from the comic books to the screen....there's so many communities and people now it's hard to keep track.  And with so many, why do we create another group just for the show:  Junkyard people for example.....and gosh, make them speak complete sentences!  It's only been what? 3 years tops since the world collapsed?  No reason to revert back to caveman talk.

Carol - I am so over Carol, another character that the show is just trying to force on us.  If Carol wants to die, let her.  And I'm totally sick of hearing fans say "Negan will be sorry when he meets Carol; she'll take him down."  People - Carol isn't almighty...she didn't take down Terminus.  She created an explosion that attracted walkers and put the terminates on alert which in turn helped our characters to escape.  She didn't take down Terminus - if she had, they wouldn't of followed our group to the church.  Don't give her credit she doesn't deserve.  A character who's death is long overdue.

And stop with throwing "Into the Badlands" between "The Walking Dead" and "The Talking Dead"...if that's the only way to get ratings for that show, well then it's time to shut up production.  I don't even bother with "Into the Badlands", I go to bed and watch "The Talking Dead" on demand.

Nuff said!