An Interesting Saturday...

The Saturday started off's spring, it's yard sale season....CC and I headed out early because we had a 1 year olds birthday to attend at noon.

It was suppose to be a super hot wasn't; at first it rained and left us with the "what do we do now"....but once it quit raining we were able to get some yard selling in with a little success.

This was also the day CC was getting her pet rats.  She had purchased a huge cage and all kinds of gadgets to keep the little ones entertained:

She did a great job and really researched the ins and outs of pet rats.  More people need to do that on any type of pet they plan on getting.  Anyway, she had come across someone on FB with pet rats for sell and had been in touch with here via FB.  She had requested a meeting place, but the lady insisted she come "here" and pick out the ones she wanted.  That was okay, but CC couldn't seem to get the lady to tell her where "here" was.  As back up she had been in touch with a Reptile Store that breeds them as feeders but feeder rats can make good pet rats.  So we were covered.

I don't like to knock any of my family, I really don't.  I love them all and even though each of us (myself included) have our little "things" we all have taught ourselves how to deal with each other and love each other despite them.  CC, by the way, is from my Dad's side of the family; this party was my Mom's side but CC knows them and was invited.

We arrive ten minutes before the party is to begin.  The party was for my one cousin's little girl who was turning 1.  We walk in, I see my sister and another cousin setting up tables.  My cousin having the party is going thru bags of decorations. People are arriving.  Wait a minute?  Shouldn't this party of already been set up?

Oh well, it's that family "thing" again, lol!  We pitch in and get things set up.  Okay, where's the food and cake?  Better yet, where's baby C who's birthday it is?  It seems my cousin's mother (Baby C's grandma) has Baby C and is bringing the food.  But again.......the party started at noon; shouldn't everything be here??  

In comes my uncle with the food and cake - finally!!  He leaves.....but we're still missing Baby C and Grandma.  Then we're thinking, "Well maybe there wasn't room in the car with the food and Uncle went back to get them."  We decide to let everyone begin eating.  Baby C doesn't arrive.

Then here comes another cousin shaking her head (Grandma happens to be her mother too)...apparently Grandma put Baby C to bed and now is refusing to wake her up and is just not bringing her!  WAIT! WHAT????  

Eventually against a lot of nasty phone calls......Grandma loses and shows up with Baby C (about an hour after the party was suppose to start).  However, Grandma makes sure to make a scene in the she's coming thru the room, out loud - "I'm going to be f-ing yelling in some one's face really really soon!" (she actually said f-ing and not the actual f word).  My cousin is crying because her mother had called her a "b*tch" on the phone.  And my other cousin, who's Mom is the Grandma too, is shaking her head and telling me "I keep telling her she needs to lay down the law with Mom; she needs to take the upper hand which she has because Mom is going to want to see Baby C."

Somehow....we all made it through the party.

Relieved to be out of there...we head for what CC has been waiting for all day - her pet rats.  The woman from FB had never gotten back with her; CC had tried to message her again before heading to the reptile place but never got an answer.  Then we arrive at the reptile place to discover that it is closed because they are off at a reptile show.  We stopped at a PetSmart and found 2 but the one we were concerned with how fast he was breathing and thus decided against it.  So she went home empty handed.....sigh....