Another Week Begins

I haven't been doing well WW wise lately......I know, it seems to be an ongoing thing with me.  I just wish I could find something new to get me into the weight loss groove again.  I remember one week our leader asking "So what are you doing when you leave here?"  One of the members responded (in a joking manner) "I'm gonna do great the next two days; fall totally off track over the weekend, and then get back on track to try to undo the damage before weigh-in."  We all laughed, but you know what?  That is exactly what I do.  CC once said that she bet our weekends would be better if we had to weigh-in on Mondays.  I think she's right.

Although my WW week starts on Thursdays (I weigh-in on Wednesday nights), I need to get back on track today.  It won't help me this late in the game for the weigh-in....but at least I'm back on track.

For the first time ever at our meeting last week.....Simply Filling came up.  Our leaders daughter was getting "pointed out" which resulted in the talk.  Pamphlets were handed out, people were in awe.  Most questioned why they've never heard of it or how helpful it would of been to know about this when they were just struggling and needed a change. 

As I've always said, it's WW best kept secret.

The next few days may work a little better for me......I'm staying at my sister's a few days while they're out of town; so I have to have things planned in advance.  So I'm doing the Simply Filling route.  I'm doing Cheerios, skim milk and bananas for breakfast (yep, all simply filling).  I have some chicken breast that needs to be cooked before it goes bad, so that becomes lunch with some brown rice or veggies (again all Simply Filling) and I'll throw in some non-fat yogurt and fruit.  I'm still working on dinner but if the other two meals are SF, then I can use some weekly points for dinner or a treat.