Why I Quit Smart Points and Will Never Go Back

I know if you've been reading here any length of time, you have heard me complain on and on about Weight Watchers "new" Smart Points program.  I'm happy to say I have finally made the full break away from Smart Points and I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I plan on still attending the meetings as they are not plan specific, but I'm not doing their "best plan ever" (or so they claim).

A piece of advice I always give anyone that is looking to lose weight is to find the diet (and yes folks it is a diet not a lifestyle change) that they can live with for the long haul.  One plan doesn't fit all and what works for one, won't for another.

An "ah-ha" moment.......

Giving advice I don't follow.  Why oh why was I doing a plan I hated???  Of course it isn't working for me because I HATE it.  It doesn't fit my lifestyle and I'll never do it long term.  So it's time to kick it out the door and return to Points Plus - the plan I lost my weight on and was totally liveable for me.

So why do I hate Smart Points so much?

1.  Though I'm not a big sugar craver to begin with (my cravings are salty), I found that I was acquiring a sugar craving.  Yep, where everyone else was losing that craving, I was gaining it.  That isn't good for me.

2.  I found the point values of sugary things on Smart Points ridiculous.  I get it, I know they wanted to push you to healthier options; but you should be able to treat yourself on occasion and they just weren't allowing you to do it.  Yes, I know.....I could still have the treat but I wasn't going to because it was going to take most of my dailies or weeklies to have it.  I get that too - they want you to see it that way so you choose a healthier option.  Unfortunately, that wasn't working for me....I'd either go into the point hole or........eat it and not track it.  Again, I know that isn't Weight Watchers or Smart Points fault; it's mine, however, this is proof that the program wasn't working for me.

3.  Just as I've said above if you do a program you can't stick to, you'll never stick to it.  So Smart Points fails for me.

Now....I have no issues with anyone doing Smart Points and loving it; I really don't.....so don't hate me for hating it!

But once I made the decision, I felt happy again and geared and ready to start another weight loss journey!

So to my closet to dig out my Points Plus material........

(another piece of advice, whenever WW puts out a brand new program don't ditch your old material even if you're leader tells you to....you just may regret that)