The Dog Poop Dilemna

If you've followed this blog for any length of'll remember this entry from a few years ago: 

I Don't Know Whether To Be Angry, Upset Or What Here....

It was a post I made about a neighbor yelling at me for picking up dog poop...yeah, you read that right - I was "picking it up".  He's an *ss, it wasn't his yard, and get the picture.

Hubby just happened to have this happen to him over the weekend...different neighbor, different area of the neighborhood.  He's picking up, owner comes out of the house threatening to punch him in the face....yep, you read that one right too.

However, it got me thinking on what the big deal is over dog poop and is it really worth threatening violence over.

The subject came up in a FB group one time and people were like raving maniacs!  If you don't have a yard for your shouldn't have one; Pee is worse than the poop; It's just not right!!

I believe that if all in this world you have to worry about is a dog peeing & pooping in your yard...well, you have a really good life.

I looked at my own yard and realized that we do very little with it; oh we mow the lawn, clip the bushes and keep the weeds under control; but that's about it.  To have the gorgeous lawn we'd have to pay someone a lot of money or spend all our spare time tending to it.  I don't know about you but I don't want to spend all my time working in my yard.  I realize there are people out there that do; but I must ask why?  Is your life really that boring?  You put all your energy there and then have to needlessly worry over what's happening with it.

However, I'm glad that your stress is on a yard; you should be thanking God that you're not dealing with a family member's overdose or something like that.

See, if I had my choice - I'd take the poop in the yard instead of my nephew's death.  But again, that's just me.

I get it I do; it's your yard and the pee and poop can be damaging; but is a brown spot really worth a threat? And, if it is happening so often, why not take your frustration out on the people that aren't picking up?  Why the people doing the right thing?

For the dog IS your responsibility to pick up after your dog and not just when someone is watching.  Pee does cause brown spots but it has to be repeatedly peed on to cause that; but more than likely your dog is peeing on a spot where another dog has.  Carry a spray bottle with water and saturate the area....there are also products on the market to help as well.

There actually are ways we can all get along, but everyone has to give a little.