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A Transfer From The Old Blog

I just moved all the posts from The Dog Ate My Sofa over to here.  Initially I wasn't going to do that all at once, but rather go through and move over only what I wanted.  There was so much history there though and I couldn't just bring over certain ones and then delete that blog and lose the others.

They are a work in progress though, some photos are missing and some are out a whack but I'm slowly cleaning them up!!

So Far So Good!

I started my weight loss weigh-ins over AGAIN on the sidebar...hopefully this will be the last time.

Since re-starting Points Plus on Thursday, I'm 3 full days in and have been doing great!!  Today will be a huge test going to Sunday dinner at my parents....but I think I can handle it.  For some reason my mind is totally back in control and that's basically where it all starts!

Saturdays are a day out with CC and that involves eating out breakfast and lunch.  We had decided on Thursday we'd pack our lunches.  CC was sick on Friday and when I contacted her on Saturday morning to see if she was well enough to still go shopping; she indicated she was but due to being sick hadn't been to the store and therefore couldn't pack lunch.

Though I do prefer eating out over packing (who doesn't); I just wanted to really keep going with PP, so I told her I could make her a sandwich and gave her options on what I had.  She agreed.  We ate the sandwiches on the way to the movies, had popcorn there and a WW snack bar.

Yes, the popcorn threw us over in points, but I took it from the weeklies and moved on!  And the popcorn has been the only over the top thing I've ate and really, popcorn isn't that bad for you.

On PP the activity points accumulate more slowly, but I've been averaging abut 2 a day.  Back when PP was the WW program; our group did a 5K together to earn the 5K charm.  Most of us had the PP pedometer that WW sold that counted your steps and converted them to points for you....imagine our surprise that after walking 5 K (3.2 miles), we had only earned 2 pp!!!  Almost wasn't worth it!  Anyway, I've always figured that 1.5 miles = 1 pp.  So that's how I track it.

Since I'm not doing the current program you may be wondering how I am tracking....nope, I'm not using pen and paper...I'm using one of the many "unofficial" apps out there.

The one I'm using is itrackbites.  It's available for both android and iPhone users.  There is a cost for the app and they have additional options you can add at additional costs.  I happened to get mine for android at a time when they just got done a huge update and therefore got everything for a discounted price.  What your cost will be will depend on what you want to add but you can get by with just the basic.  You can do bites classic (the original old WW points system), bites plus (the Points Plus program), smart bites (the Smart Points program) or count calories.

CC uses Ultimate Value Diary.  Another really good app that I used before itrackbites did their android upgrade.   Again, there's a cost but a minimal one there is a very minimal option cost as well. It's been a while since I used it, but I do believe you can do any of the programs on it; Smart Points may require the option, but I don't know for sure.  Also available for both android and iPhone.

Another more basic option is WW Diary.  Only available for android, it replaces the paper tracker.  I suggest you already know the program and I believe you can do any of the programs on it as well.  I used this program for a long time when I first quit WW.

Go here:  Unofficially Weight Watchers to see my past posts on these 3 apps.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I Quit Smart Points and Will Never Go Back

I know if you've been reading here any length of time, you have heard me complain on and on about Weight Watchers "new" Smart Points program.  I'm happy to say I have finally made the full break away from Smart Points and I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I plan on still attending the meetings as they are not plan specific, but I'm not doing their "best plan ever" (or so they claim).

A piece of advice I always give anyone that is looking to lose weight is to find the diet (and yes folks it is a diet not a lifestyle change) that they can live with for the long haul.  One plan doesn't fit all and what works for one, won't for another.

An "ah-ha" moment.......

Giving advice I don't follow.  Why oh why was I doing a plan I hated???  Of course it isn't working for me because I HATE it.  It doesn't fit my lifestyle and I'll never do it long term.  So it's time to kick it out the door and return to Points Plus - the plan I lost my weight on and was totally liveable for me.

So why do I hate Smart Points so much?

1.  Though I'm not a big sugar craver to begin with (my cravings are salty), I found that I was acquiring a sugar craving.  Yep, where everyone else was losing that craving, I was gaining it.  That isn't good for me.

2.  I found the point values of sugary things on Smart Points ridiculous.  I get it, I know they wanted to push you to healthier options; but you should be able to treat yourself on occasion and they just weren't allowing you to do it.  Yes, I know.....I could still have the treat but I wasn't going to because it was going to take most of my dailies or weeklies to have it.  I get that too - they want you to see it that way so you choose a healthier option.  Unfortunately, that wasn't working for me....I'd either go into the point hole it and not track it.  Again, I know that isn't Weight Watchers or Smart Points fault; it's mine, however, this is proof that the program wasn't working for me.

3.  Just as I've said above if you do a program you can't stick to, you'll never stick to it.  So Smart Points fails for me.

Now....I have no issues with anyone doing Smart Points and loving it; I really don' don't hate me for hating it!

But once I made the decision, I felt happy again and geared and ready to start another weight loss journey!

So to my closet to dig out my Points Plus material........

(another piece of advice, whenever WW puts out a brand new program don't ditch your old material even if you're leader tells you just may regret that)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Dog Poop Dilemna

If you've followed this blog for any length of'll remember this entry from a few years ago: 

I Don't Know Whether To Be Angry, Upset Or What Here....

It was a post I made about a neighbor yelling at me for picking up dog poop...yeah, you read that right - I was "picking it up".  He's an *ss, it wasn't his yard, and get the picture.

Hubby just happened to have this happen to him over the weekend...different neighbor, different area of the neighborhood.  He's picking up, owner comes out of the house threatening to punch him in the face....yep, you read that one right too.

However, it got me thinking on what the big deal is over dog poop and is it really worth threatening violence over.

The subject came up in a FB group one time and people were like raving maniacs!  If you don't have a yard for your shouldn't have one; Pee is worse than the poop; It's just not right!!

I believe that if all in this world you have to worry about is a dog peeing & pooping in your yard...well, you have a really good life.

I looked at my own yard and realized that we do very little with it; oh we mow the lawn, clip the bushes and keep the weeds under control; but that's about it.  To have the gorgeous lawn we'd have to pay someone a lot of money or spend all our spare time tending to it.  I don't know about you but I don't want to spend all my time working in my yard.  I realize there are people out there that do; but I must ask why?  Is your life really that boring?  You put all your energy there and then have to needlessly worry over what's happening with it.

However, I'm glad that your stress is on a yard; you should be thanking God that you're not dealing with a family member's overdose or something like that.

See, if I had my choice - I'd take the poop in the yard instead of my nephew's death.  But again, that's just me.

I get it I do; it's your yard and the pee and poop can be damaging; but is a brown spot really worth a threat? And, if it is happening so often, why not take your frustration out on the people that aren't picking up?  Why the people doing the right thing?

For the dog IS your responsibility to pick up after your dog and not just when someone is watching.  Pee does cause brown spots but it has to be repeatedly peed on to cause that; but more than likely your dog is peeing on a spot where another dog has.  Carry a spray bottle with water and saturate the area....there are also products on the market to help as well.

There actually are ways we can all get along, but everyone has to give a little.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday Note

Just a note......all photos on Wordless Wednesday have been taken by myself except the one on February 1, 2017.  That was taken by a friend of my nephew's who was visiting the area and put one of the stickers of Chris's artwork between the signs.

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