Weight Watchers 2017

Well the Weight Watchers meeting was very crowded this past Wednesday....we had to wait in a line.  It's good that so many are interested in their health and have chosen WW....it's bad that our room is so small and overcrowded.

No changes to Weight Watchers this year, but we did get new books - yes that's plural:

You get 4 books:  Meet Your Plan, Shift Your Mindset, Eat Better and Move More.  The Simply Filling one is just a paper pamphlet that you have to ask for, cause you know...WW doesn't want you to know anything about Simply Filling.

I really haven't had a chance to read through them yet....but I noticed one thing missing:

The little pocket guide!  You know the one that has generic items with point values and that fits snuggly in your purse.  It's nice to have handy in a pinch and has always been a WW regular.  Sigh.....I'm glad to still have my leftover one.

The Meet Your Plan booklet has a little slot to hold your weight tracker and card:

With a little tear I managed to get the pocket guide in there as well.

Missing?  Something to keep all these booklets in!  What happened to the days WW gave you a pouch or something????  I ended up buying a tablet sleeve at the Dollar Store to hold mine:

It would of made more sense to me to make it all one booklet with sections.....or to at least provide something to keep them in, but who am I?