The Hub City 100 Miler

I signed up for the Hub City 100 Miler.  I normally don't do these things but the county was paying for it and I decided to go for it.  It's pretty simple, you walk one mile a day for 100 days (or 20 minutes of exercise a day).  I'm three days in and have done my mile a day.

I actually probably put in a mile a day just doing normally everyday things (per my fitbit), I'm double challenging myself though....I want to physically walk a mile in addition to the everyday steps.  I have a mile tracked out at work, which I did on Thursday and Friday and I just discovered that up and down the alley next to the house 3 times will get the mile in (I just did that one in the rain).

This is totally on the honor system, but to keep me honest I sync my fitbit to the website.  I'm not sure how they decide who wins weekly prizes or such, but other than maybe a new fitbit there's not another prize the interests me (maybe a bike).

So that's my new thing for the year.

I am giving Smart Points another go - I really want this program to work for me.  Did well on Thursday & Friday, very bad today....but I'll switch that around tomorrow.