A Comcast Kudos

Comcast gets a bad rap all the time and though I know customer service reps can sometimes be a pain, I must give kudos when it's deserved.

Wanting to lower some bills, I turned to our ever increasing cable bill through Comcast.  Though we had been given a "special" so called deal, it really was only a $30 savings and the deal ran out in December and January's bill appeared in the tune of $260.00!!!  Yeah you read that right!!

I'll be honest, we probably watch only about 20 channels, I watch more on Netflix actually; so I decided to look closer at what I was getting.  There was a sports package that we NEVER have used; we had HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz - HBO is the only one we watch.  Though I know it's hard to downgrade, I decided we needed to bite the bullet.

When I've tried this before, I always end up staying where I am.  Why?  Because next to losing some channels, it throws you out of the area where the DVR and such are included in the pack...internet drops to lower speeds and you now have to pay a monthly price for the DVR.  No one has every told me these prices but they've made it sound like I'd lose channels but not be saving much.  So I've always just accepted the $30.00 savings.

Before attempting a call, I went online and visited the Comcast forums to see what others were dealing with price wise.  I was really surprised to discover Comcast employees offering assistance to customers issues and problems via private messaging.  So I randomly picked one - ComcastZach.

I sent him a pm asking if he could help in lowering my bill.  I told him that I was sure we could get by with the Starter digital channel line-up of 140+, I didn't need Showtime, Cinemax, Starz or a Sports Package; I didn't want to lower my internet speed and I still wanted my DVR.

ComcastZach came through!!  He offered me the Starter digital, and then gave me some specials they currently had running:  my current internet speed free for one year ($13.00 thereafter); my DVR free for one year ($19.95 thereafter); and HBO free for 6 months (if I choose I can continue for $15.00 a month after that).  Additional charges still existed for my phone modem and additional cable box (which I was already paying anyway, not included in my pack).  All in all ComcastZach was saving me well over $100.00.  Even when the freebies are up, I'm still coming out with a pretty good savings!!  I was thrilled!!

The only channel we actually lost was NatGeoWild, which hubby liked to watch; but I think he can deal with it, lol!

But I wanted to give a kudos to Comcast and especially to ComcastZach, a customer service rep who actually listened to what I needed and gave it to me!!  Thanks Zach!