And Life Goes On

It's been way too long since I've blogged; but I haven't given up.

The Advocare Spark drink was a bust.....its taste was horrible and I felt rather weird, spacey on it.  I didn't continue with it long and I hated myself for looking for an "easy fix".

Slimming World became too complicated, I do think it's a plan worthwhile but it's too much to know and not workable for me.

So Weight Watchers it is but I've decided I need to simplify it to get it to work.

For one I've chosen 3 types of breakfasts to choose from in the mornings; 3 I can prepare quickly plus an additional one for grab and go.  I'm going to do the same for lunch and snacks; dinner wise I'm going to plan those out for the week.  I've decided there really isn't a reason to worry over that stuff now; wait to the first of the year and move on.  That doesn't mean I plan on eating all over the place through the holidays, it just means I'm not worrying over points right now.