Slimming World USA

Slimming World is a UK "diet" plan as popular (if not more) as Weight Watchers and they are big competitors over there.  Slimming World (SW) is now available online for the USA!

SW kept popping up as an ad in the middle of my FaceBook page so I gave it a click - they did offer me an impressive price - 3 months online for $10.00; and I may do that just to give it a better look; but I'm unsure what the regular cost is.

However, I did do some research because their website doesn't tell a lot, nor does their FB page...but I did find some blogs online of people on the UK version and got some information.  You have a list of food that you eat off freely - as much as you want within reason; an allowance for "healthy extras" and you get an amount of "syns" to use throughout the week for "treats". 

It's almost comparable to WW Simply Filling plan!  I imagine that "allowance" and "syns" would be similar to "points" on WW.  Their program is more equal to Simply Filling from Points Plus and/or "Core" from Original Points - in other words they aren't going to restrict your "sugary" treats as Simply Filling on Smart Points does.  They believe (as the old WW did) that you can lose weight eating all your favorite foods, nothing is off limits.

I'm wondering how much competition SW will give WW in the US?


When WW ditched their message forum and went to "connect" (which I've yet to figure out); some members made their own boards at ProBoards.  These boards are much less restrictive then they were on WW as in if you want to hate a WW plan - you can and you've got lots of company, lol!  Anyway....I bring this up because as everyone knows next week is the week WW normally upgrades their "diet".

Last year was a big upgrade with Smart Points; in 2010 it was a big upgrade with Point Plus....however on the norm (which I'm sure will be this year) they just give "tweeks", rename and such.  I've been looking forward to some "tweeks" with this program, hoping they ease up on the "restrictions" they claim they don't have, but actually do.

According to the powers that be at the proboard sites the "tweeks" are minimal.  As a matter of fact there are no tweeks to Smart Points as they feel the program works so well and is so well received.  The program will focus on the psychology part of weight loss and the app will be fantastic!

I think we all know the app won't be fantastic, they've screwed that up so much there is no going back.  I don't know about the psychology part, it is a huge part of weight loss, but I don't know if WW should be in the business of I'm thinking we're looking at another year of the same stuff we already have been through. 

Definitely nothing I was looking forward to......<<sigh>>.