I'm on staycation this week!  If you're unfamiliar with what that is.....it's a stay at home vacation!

Right now I'm house sitting at my one sister's, but they are due home tomorrow.  My charges since Friday have been a miniature goat, a miniature horse and a beagle.  Very easy to do - you just feed everyone in the morning or evening and that's about it!  The dog is very self-sufficient as she has a dog door, so there's no walking or anything like that.  I just need to be here - lol!  In exchange, my sister adds funds to my account at the vet's office (she works there).

I also got a new phone yesterday!  The Samsung S7 Edge....working on getting it all set-up to my liking.  Love doing my upgrades at Best Buy.  Because all the phone plans seem to now require that you lease and/or payments on the phone now, we had them relook at our old plan through Sprint.  We discovered we only use 4 gigs of data a month between us!  We went from an unlimited plan to a 25 gig plan and with the phone costs, it comes to about $25 more a month.  (I'm a county employee and I'm pretty sure we get discounts so I'm hoping to bring that down more when I get back to work).  Anyway, since we both upgraded to S7's, we each got a $250 Best Buy gift card!  So we used some of that for Otterbox cases and car charges and still have about $300 left over!  We could of got an additional $200 gift cards per phone if we traded in our old phones, but we opted to keep them since you never really know when you may need a spare phone (my old S3 went to my stepson when his broke and he couldn't afford a new phone).

My big disappointment with the phone, was that Otterbox's Defender case for the Edge is only available in black.....how boring is that???  I have found some skins online though, so I'll get one or two to spruce it up!

Weight Watchers has been ho-hum, I haven't tracked in quite a while....but still attending meetings and pretty much staying the same weight wise.  Just need to reboot in that area, but it probably won't happen over the holidays.  I *am* going to give a 2 week trial on the "spark" drink though and I'll give results here.  I'm not big on these things, but I need help and perhaps this will help.