I Signed Up For Slimming World

So I did it and signed up for Slimming World; I was wrong about the price though....it was 3 months for $30 coming to $10 a month, but that was still affordable and cheaper than one month on Weight Watchers (and yes, I'm still going to attend my WW meetings).

Anyway, I doubt I'll continue with it after the 3 months but I like learning something new and do think it's a doable plan for many.

First I was correct in saying it was in line with Weight Watchers' Simply Filling Plan.  However, Slimming World is much less restrictive than Weight Watchers in this area.

Slimming World has a listing of what they call "free" foods.  That means you can eat as much as as you want of anything on this list; don't be fooled though - we know we shouldn't eat as much as we want....if you can't control that, read the labels and measure.  Their "free" list is just like WW Simply Filling list - fruits, veggies (even the starchy ones), lean meats, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, rice, pasta, grains (but not bread), beans and lentils, fat free dairy.  Where WW would want you using whole grain pastas and such; SW allows all of them.

They then advise to have "Healthy Extras", 2 from the A list and 1 from the B list daily.  The A list includes dairy products (and you're not limited to fat free), high fiber whole grain cereals, B list is multigrain breads, wraps, etc..dried, canned and cooked fruit, some cereal bars, soups, nuts & seeds.  Not all brands are included so you need to check the data base on those.  I'm unaware of the criteria they use to be included on the list or not; which is one of the downfalls of the plan.

Then you have your "syns" (which are like the points); I was alloted 10 a day for anything not on the lists above.  They have an online calculator to help with that. I'm unsure on whether I use them daily, can save them up for weekly use or what......Syns are the only thing you count.

I'm suppose to get a booklet in the mail to explain the program; yes info is on the website but you know, sometimes it is easier to just sit down and read instead of navigating through a website.

My confirmation email never came through; I've had it sent numerous times but it doesn't arrive.  I tried to have it changed to my gmail acct but they send an email to verify the change and it never arrives.  <<sigh>>  I tried communicating at their FB page; but they advised to send an email, which is no use since I can't receive emails from them.

There is no app for your phone.  The website is available mobile.....but we all know that a mobile site and an app are not the same!  In this day and age....they should have an app available.

But I am interested in moving forward and learning more about this plan and how it could fit into my life!