Advocare Spark Energy Drink

As I mentioned before, I got a 2 week supply of the Spark energy drink that is so popular these days.
I opted for the fruit punch flavor since the other two ladies in my office were using that flavor and liked it.

This is only day 2 for me, so I can't give a full review of it yet....but so far......

You're to put one tube of mix into 8 oz of water.  I put one tube into a 16 oz bottle of water and shook it up.  This may just be me, but it was way too flavor overpowering - I never put a whole dry mix tube of Crystal Light in 16 oz of water because it's too much.  I can't imagine drinking this with the recommended 8 oz!  Today, I opted to fill my WW tumbler which holds 20 oz and put it in that...a little better for my tastes.

You can really taste the vitamins in this; I can't say the flavor is great, each sip I taste vitamins.  I already know I won't be doing this long term; but that's okay.  In the event you are wondering, 14 days cost me $22.00.  Here's the box specs:

I know of a person that got sick off of what she assumed was this Spark drink.  The person selling her the stuff said no's nothing but vitamins.  Hmmmmmm........I see things other than vitamins in this.

One, because it's an energy drink, we have caffeine (120 mg); also take a look at the "other ingredients" listed - sucralose is Spenda-artificial sweetener- and there's artificial flavoring.  Not as healthy as they state.  Then there's the things I can't pronounce which normally means not good.

I have no issue if you feel this stuff helps your weight loss; I see people post their Spark drinks as their afternoon pick-me-up; again I have no issue with that but I'm betting some plain old water, a cup of coffee or a healthy snack may get you there too.  What happens if you decide to stop using it after extended use?  How's your body going to feel then?

I realize there are a lot of programs out there right now Advocare, Thrive, Vi that are really helping people lose lots of weight and maybe doing the whole program of Advocare instead of just Spark would be entirely different.  I just can't see spending $150 to $300 a month for the rest of my life on it.  I would rather learn to eat correct portions, choose healthier options and find substitutes for my cravings which in turn leaves me money to buy REAL food rather that some powders and such.

Maybe it's just me???