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Advocare Spark Energy Drink

As I mentioned before, I got a 2 week supply of the Spark energy drink that is so popular these days.
I opted for the fruit punch flavor since the other two ladies in my office were using that flavor and liked it.

This is only day 2 for me, so I can't give a full review of it yet....but so far......

You're to put one tube of mix into 8 oz of water.  I put one tube into a 16 oz bottle of water and shook it up.  This may just be me, but it was way too flavor overpowering - I never put a whole dry mix tube of Crystal Light in 16 oz of water because it's too much.  I can't imagine drinking this with the recommended 8 oz!  Today, I opted to fill my WW tumbler which holds 20 oz and put it in that...a little better for my tastes.

You can really taste the vitamins in this; I can't say the flavor is great, each sip I taste vitamins.  I already know I won't be doing this long term; but that's okay.  In the event you are wondering, 14 days cost me $22.00.  Here's the box specs:

I know of a person that got sick off of what she assumed was this Spark drink.  The person selling her the stuff said no's nothing but vitamins.  Hmmmmmm........I see things other than vitamins in this.

One, because it's an energy drink, we have caffeine (120 mg); also take a look at the "other ingredients" listed - sucralose is Spenda-artificial sweetener- and there's artificial flavoring.  Not as healthy as they state.  Then there's the things I can't pronounce which normally means not good.

I have no issue if you feel this stuff helps your weight loss; I see people post their Spark drinks as their afternoon pick-me-up; again I have no issue with that but I'm betting some plain old water, a cup of coffee or a healthy snack may get you there too.  What happens if you decide to stop using it after extended use?  How's your body going to feel then?

I realize there are a lot of programs out there right now Advocare, Thrive, Vi that are really helping people lose lots of weight and maybe doing the whole program of Advocare instead of just Spark would be entirely different.  I just can't see spending $150 to $300 a month for the rest of my life on it.  I would rather learn to eat correct portions, choose healthier options and find substitutes for my cravings which in turn leaves me money to buy REAL food rather that some powders and such.

Maybe it's just me???

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Signed Up For Slimming World

So I did it and signed up for Slimming World; I was wrong about the price was 3 months for $30 coming to $10 a month, but that was still affordable and cheaper than one month on Weight Watchers (and yes, I'm still going to attend my WW meetings).

Anyway, I doubt I'll continue with it after the 3 months but I like learning something new and do think it's a doable plan for many.

First I was correct in saying it was in line with Weight Watchers' Simply Filling Plan.  However, Slimming World is much less restrictive than Weight Watchers in this area.

Slimming World has a listing of what they call "free" foods.  That means you can eat as much as as you want of anything on this list; don't be fooled though - we know we shouldn't eat as much as we want....if you can't control that, read the labels and measure.  Their "free" list is just like WW Simply Filling list - fruits, veggies (even the starchy ones), lean meats, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, rice, pasta, grains (but not bread), beans and lentils, fat free dairy.  Where WW would want you using whole grain pastas and such; SW allows all of them.

They then advise to have "Healthy Extras", 2 from the A list and 1 from the B list daily.  The A list includes dairy products (and you're not limited to fat free), high fiber whole grain cereals, B list is multigrain breads, wraps, etc..dried, canned and cooked fruit, some cereal bars, soups, nuts & seeds.  Not all brands are included so you need to check the data base on those.  I'm unaware of the criteria they use to be included on the list or not; which is one of the downfalls of the plan.

Then you have your "syns" (which are like the points); I was alloted 10 a day for anything not on the lists above.  They have an online calculator to help with that. I'm unsure on whether I use them daily, can save them up for weekly use or what......Syns are the only thing you count.

I'm suppose to get a booklet in the mail to explain the program; yes info is on the website but you know, sometimes it is easier to just sit down and read instead of navigating through a website.

My confirmation email never came through; I've had it sent numerous times but it doesn't arrive.  I tried to have it changed to my gmail acct but they send an email to verify the change and it never arrives.  <<sigh>>  I tried communicating at their FB page; but they advised to send an email, which is no use since I can't receive emails from them.

There is no app for your phone.  The website is available mobile.....but we all know that a mobile site and an app are not the same!  In this day and age....they should have an app available.

But I am interested in moving forward and learning more about this plan and how it could fit into my life!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Slimming World USA

Slimming World is a UK "diet" plan as popular (if not more) as Weight Watchers and they are big competitors over there.  Slimming World (SW) is now available online for the USA!

SW kept popping up as an ad in the middle of my FaceBook page so I gave it a click - they did offer me an impressive price - 3 months online for $10.00; and I may do that just to give it a better look; but I'm unsure what the regular cost is.

However, I did do some research because their website doesn't tell a lot, nor does their FB page...but I did find some blogs online of people on the UK version and got some information.  You have a list of food that you eat off freely - as much as you want within reason; an allowance for "healthy extras" and you get an amount of "syns" to use throughout the week for "treats". 

It's almost comparable to WW Simply Filling plan!  I imagine that "allowance" and "syns" would be similar to "points" on WW.  Their program is more equal to Simply Filling from Points Plus and/or "Core" from Original Points - in other words they aren't going to restrict your "sugary" treats as Simply Filling on Smart Points does.  They believe (as the old WW did) that you can lose weight eating all your favorite foods, nothing is off limits.

I'm wondering how much competition SW will give WW in the US?


When WW ditched their message forum and went to "connect" (which I've yet to figure out); some members made their own boards at ProBoards.  These boards are much less restrictive then they were on WW as in if you want to hate a WW plan - you can and you've got lots of company, lol!  Anyway....I bring this up because as everyone knows next week is the week WW normally upgrades their "diet".

Last year was a big upgrade with Smart Points; in 2010 it was a big upgrade with Point Plus....however on the norm (which I'm sure will be this year) they just give "tweeks", rename and such.  I've been looking forward to some "tweeks" with this program, hoping they ease up on the "restrictions" they claim they don't have, but actually do.

According to the powers that be at the proboard sites the "tweeks" are minimal.  As a matter of fact there are no tweeks to Smart Points as they feel the program works so well and is so well received.  The program will focus on the psychology part of weight loss and the app will be fantastic!

I think we all know the app won't be fantastic, they've screwed that up so much there is no going back.  I don't know about the psychology part, it is a huge part of weight loss, but I don't know if WW should be in the business of I'm thinking we're looking at another year of the same stuff we already have been through. 

Definitely nothing I was looking forward to......<<sigh>>.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016


I'm on staycation this week!  If you're unfamiliar with what that's a stay at home vacation!

Right now I'm house sitting at my one sister's, but they are due home tomorrow.  My charges since Friday have been a miniature goat, a miniature horse and a beagle.  Very easy to do - you just feed everyone in the morning or evening and that's about it!  The dog is very self-sufficient as she has a dog door, so there's no walking or anything like that.  I just need to be here - lol!  In exchange, my sister adds funds to my account at the vet's office (she works there).

I also got a new phone yesterday!  The Samsung S7 Edge....working on getting it all set-up to my liking.  Love doing my upgrades at Best Buy.  Because all the phone plans seem to now require that you lease and/or payments on the phone now, we had them relook at our old plan through Sprint.  We discovered we only use 4 gigs of data a month between us!  We went from an unlimited plan to a 25 gig plan and with the phone costs, it comes to about $25 more a month.  (I'm a county employee and I'm pretty sure we get discounts so I'm hoping to bring that down more when I get back to work).  Anyway, since we both upgraded to S7's, we each got a $250 Best Buy gift card!  So we used some of that for Otterbox cases and car charges and still have about $300 left over!  We could of got an additional $200 gift cards per phone if we traded in our old phones, but we opted to keep them since you never really know when you may need a spare phone (my old S3 went to my stepson when his broke and he couldn't afford a new phone).

My big disappointment with the phone, was that Otterbox's Defender case for the Edge is only available in boring is that???  I have found some skins online though, so I'll get one or two to spruce it up!

Weight Watchers has been ho-hum, I haven't tracked in quite a while....but still attending meetings and pretty much staying the same weight wise.  Just need to reboot in that area, but it probably won't happen over the holidays.  I *am* going to give a 2 week trial on the "spark" drink though and I'll give results here.  I'm not big on these things, but I need help and perhaps this will help.

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