Weight Watchers Meeting

I've been gone awhile but not completely!  I am still here.

We had an interesting meeting this week.  Our group also has a FaceBook group where we can talk all week long and share things.  The day before the meeting someone had posted that they felt really guilty because they had eaten "one" cookie.

In my humble opinion, "one" cookie isn't going to fail you (and it didn't for her); but we all understood how being addicted to food is a challenge.  Several of us stated such and stated our own struggles to the point that it often becomes work and consumes our lives.  Our leader immediately posted that we needed to discuss this at the meeting.

But when we got to the meeting, she started the conversation with wanting to hear from her "whiners".  This was a little insulting, in my opinion, we weren't whining, we were stating the facts of the struggles we all deal with.  No one was truly planning on quitting, we were all just struggling with our journey.  Oh, there was some advice offered:  "Concentrate on eating healthy stuff, don't concentrate on the treats"    "Being pre-diabetic keeps me on track"      "It took me 2 years to lose the weight, you can do it too"     But frankly, it's stuff we've all heard before.

I made the comment that I was sick of counting points......but that seemed to fall on deaf ears.

But it brought me back to the Simply Filling Technique....Weight Watchers best kept secret.  So I'm journeying on with that!