The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

If you don't know, I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan - H U G E !!!!!

That said, I LOVED the Season Premiere - please be aware this post may contain S P O I L E R S!

Of course the BIG question since the last season was - Who Did Negan Kill?  Comic book readers know this kill went to Glen....but also knew the show doesn't necessary follow the comics.

Way back in season 6, Glen fell off a dumpster and we watched in horror as a herd of walkers pulled his insides out as he screamed.  When that happened, I was shocked!  Never saw it coming - it was actually a well played out scene.  When you can surprise your audience - that's a good episode.

Then they ruined it......Nick actually fell on top of Glen when they went off the dumpster and it was his guts you were seeing ripped out - good ole Glen was able to slide under the dumpster and live.  It just seemed like a cheat.

The second half of the season was all leading up to Negan.  I waited with baited breath to see this scene come to TV.  Then they ruined it with a cliff hanger.  Mind you, I don't mind cliffhangers; however for this scene to needed to complete the scene.

The problem with this cliffhanger was that for months that's all you heard about - every theory, etc...  By the time it arrived, I felt more like - let's just get it over with and move on with the story.

The season premiere was not a disappointment.  I cried.  And rather than one, Negan took out two!  Abraham and Glen.

In my opinion.....since Abraham was the first kill; they should of done that at the season finale; then when you came back - kill Glen.  No one would of been expecting that second kill!  But I don't write the show, lol!

Again, I LOVED the episode, I really did; but those are just little things I notice that I think could of been better thought out.

So Negan killed Abraham and Glen; took Daryl and left the rest to mourn.  It was a depressing episode.  I know there are many that felt it was too brutal - but I disagree; the audience needs to know exactly how Negan is.  And for those thinking Carol is coming back and gonna whip a** like she did with Terminus.......well, you can hope, but I've got doubts about that.  Negan will be around for a while.