Going Pointless

Right now I'm trying to refocus myself and just watch what and how much I'm eating; but it does feel liberating to not count a point.

Hubby had a birthday this week and guess what?  I ate cake!  You heard that right, and not just any kind of cake the kind with the really sugary sweet sickening icing on it!  And I ate another piece of it last night - YUMMY!

One of the reasons I enjoyed Points and Points Plus was because I could eat all my favorite foods and still lose weight (that was their big advertising).  Those programs taught me how to get portions under control, not deprive myself and gave me guidelines to achieve in a day (water, veggies, fruits, dairy, vitamin, etc...) AND I lost 40 lbs AND never once felt like I was on a "diet".

Smart Points gives me no guidelines because you should eat those things anyway and guess what? The point values encourage you to deprive yourself - oh, they won't tell you to do that; they'll say "if you have the points, eat it" but they fail to tell you that you won't have any points left for anything else. 

There are lots of successful people out there doing Smart Points and raving about it...it detoxed them off of sugar, they never crave anything sugary............but guess what?  Sugary things were never MY craving; salt-yes, sugar-no.  But guess what I'm craving now?  Yep, Smart Points has me wanting sugar - weird isn't it?

That's because we're all different - one size doesn't fit all.  Smart Points doesn't fit ME and that's okay; if it fits you I say Go For It!  However, if you are a Smart Points person, don't knock the people that want to do the prior plans or "assume" they want to lose weight while eating nothing but junk food.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Ask yourself why did WW support the original points for 10 years?  TEN years - if it was such a bad plan, why encourage it?  Why did they support Points Plus for 5 years?  Neither of those plans became "bad" over night!  And WW can say "Well new studies show...."; nope!  Sugar being bad isn't a new study - studies have been stating that FOREVER; ask yourself why WW waited so long!

I won't argue that Smart Points may seem the healthier plan - but it really isn't if I'm constantly craving sugar.  WW has ALWAYS had a healthy type plan that didn't involve points - it's called Simply Filling.  All Smart Points is, IS the Simply Filling plan with points.  So they gave points to Simply Filling and changed the calculation so you'll avoid sugary things.  That's it, nothing more.

I HATE Smart Points - and I'm proud of that!