A Half True Comment

Visiting boards talking about Weight Watchers......I find those supporters of Smart Points (and I must say I have no problem with anyone supporting a program they love; I do have issue when those supporters have a need to put down anyone on any other program) one of the most common comments about SP coming from the supporters is "I don't understand how anyone can starve on this program, all fruits and vegetables are 0 sp and you can eat as much as you want."

That comment isn't entirely true; potatoes, corn, peas - all have a point value to them, starchy vegetables are not 0 sp.  Guess what?  The same was true on Points Plus!  That isn't a "new" thing that came out with Smart Points; it already existed.  As a matter of fact, vegetables (with exception of the starchy ones) were 0 pts on the original point plan!