Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan

I've had a busy week and it's about to get busier!

I was house sitting for my sister last week which involves a dog, goat and miniature horse.  Today I start house sitting at CC's which involves 2 dachshunds.  My weeks also involve work and my own crew at my house.  I think I won't be getting regular sleep until next Saturday, lol!

I haven't been doing well Weight Watchers wise, I'm just out of sync.  I've begun to relook at their Simply Filling Plan as the less points I have to calculate, the better.  With Simply Filling (SF), I can look at a list of food and eat from that without counting the points.  If I eat off the list, I still have my weekly points to accommodate.  If you're a WW member and know nothing about this plan (which wouldn't be surprising, WW doesn't advertise it), you can go here to learn more:  Simply Filling Plan and a printable list is here:  Simply Filling PDF.  The idea is to eat off this plan until you are "satisfied" not "stuffed".  The foods are "filling" foods so you can stay full longer.

Now let's face it, if I were able to stop eating when I'm "satisfied", I wouldn't need Weight Watchers! However, I've decided to continue weighing and measuring and staying with the normal portion sizes, but if I find I need a little more....I can do so without a point worry.  You can still use the WW App by simply going into your settings and switching from tracking to simply filling.  If you're a FaceBook member, I highly suggest this group:  Simply Filling - My Weight Watchers Plan of Choice to help with your journey.  There's lots of information there.

What you will discover with Simply Filling is that everyone makes their own "tweeks" to the program.  Remember that one person's tweeks may work for them, but not you and vice versa; and by "tweeks" I don't mean adding potato chips to the Simply Filling Food list, lol!  For instance, one "tweek" I'll be making is in the dairy section - all fat free dairy is considered SF and I can do fat free with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and such; but when it comes to actual cheese (slices, hunks) I can't do fat free, so my "tweek" is to do reduced fat instead and not count the points for it (on the norm you would have to take from your weekly allotment).  I can get away with this because I don't eat a lot of cheese.  If you're a cheese hog, you may not want to make this tweek.

The food list says I can eat any light bread and it is considered SF.  My light bread of choice is Aldi's Fit & Active Bread (white or wheat) but when I search it on the tracker it doesn't come up as SF, it wants me to count points.  This will happen sometimes, I have no idea why WW doesn't consider it SF as it comes out to 1 pt per slice like all the others and WW's can't even explain it to me.  However, I got around it by creating my own entry for it and putting 0 values in the nutritional area and thus it comes to 0 pts.  I put the "SF" in front of the name so I know that it is a SF entry; because if I switch to points, I'll know not to use that entry.  Again, it's a "tweek" I made as it makes no sense to have a food list that says I can eat light breads and then the tracker picks and chooses which brands are and aren't.  

If I find my weight stalling/gaining - tweeks will be the first place I'll need to look at.  Just keep tweeks in mind when doing it - to tweek or not tweek, that is the question!


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