So Isn't Kevin Spacey & The Walking Dead Suppose To Be On This Blog Too?

Why yes, yes they are as well as movies and life in general.

Frankly, my life in general is work and weight loss - sad I know, but it's the truth.

I'm a huge Kevin Spacey fan, have been since 2004.  I've had the pleasure of seeing him in concert (Atlantic City Beyond the Sea tour 2004), on Broadway 5 times (Moon For The Misbegotten 2007), an on stage interview (NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend 2011), an on stage speech in support of the arts (Kennedy Center D.C. 2011) and a Shakespeare play twice (Brooklyn 2012).  I also got to meet him at the stage door in 2007.  I hope to add many more times to this list.  If you go to my other blog - The Dog Ate My Sofa you can find the posts regarding all of that.  I don't update over there anymore, but I didn't want to lose all the fun times either!

I am a huge Walking Dead fan.  It's the only show I must watch when it's actually on (no taping or such).  I'm up to the same place as the show in the comics and decided to wait to the upcoming season is over to continue on.  I LOVE this show; yes, there are some things that never make sense but I just tell myself it's based off a comic, so don't expect reality.  And I watch each episode about 4 times before the next one comes on....but I've seen the whole series numerous times.  I'm that addicted.   Anyway, once the season starts there will be some walking dead posts.

CC and I hit a movie just about every week; again I plan on reviews here, but have been lazy about it. Horror movies (scary, not torture or slasher) are my favorites.