Points, Points Plus and Smart Points Are Not The Same Plan

I've been doing extremely bad food wise.  I'm hoping once my week starts over, I can get back on track.

I think I need to explain the point systems.  I'm still coming across people who don't think anything has changed but the name.  Case in point, my one cousin recently decided to rejoin WW online.  Two days later she has her favorite Halloween candy posted.  Someone asked her about WW and she replied she could still have them as 18 of them is only 140 calories.  I asked the point value because 140 calories really doesn't mean much in WW, she replied 3 pts.  That would be fine, but it just didn't seem correct to me because this particular candy is mostly sugar, so I searched the tracker plus rechecked with my calculator and yep they came to 8 pts!  I handed her the sad news and explained what nutritional values are needed to figure the new point system.  It made me wonder if she had joined online why she didn't know this.  I then remembered I had gotten her a calculator and such several years back and I'm betting she was using that, which is fine do the program you want; but there is no sense paying WW if you're not doing the current program - especially the online version.

Points, points, points.......WW introduced points many years ago.  In my opinion, the original point plan known simply as "Points" was just a fancy way to count calories.  It was much easier to remember that something was 2 pts rather than 113 calories for instance.  I'm sure there was more to it than that, but that's how I see it.  Points were calculated by calories, fat and fiber.  The plan evolved over the years it existed (1997-2010) but how the points were calculated did not, however there may have been a new plan name, we went from banking points to a weekly point allotment, etc..  But calories, fat and fiber was how you got the points.

At the end of 2010, WW introduced what they called Points Plus.  Points Plus existed from 2010 to 2015 and points were calculated from fat, carbs, fiber and protein.  This caused many "snacky" type treats to go up in points much to the dismay of many members.  Daily points & Weekly points increased as well.  This is still my favorite of all the plans - mostly because "carbs" are my evil, lol!

At the end of 2015, WW retired Points Plus and introduced Smart Points.  Smart Points are figured by calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein.  Needless to say all those sugary treats jumped in points by quite a lot.  This is definitely the healthier version of the 3; another change was that instead of everyone having the same amount of weekly points, everyone's weekly points are different depending on their activity level.

So you can take one item and get a different point value depending on the plan; you can't mix and match the plans; and you certainly can do one of the older plans if you want and can get a hold of a calculator for that program (check ebay) HOWEVER, if you do online it will be Smart Points; if you go to meetings it will be Smart Points.  Keep that in mind!

Also watch when using online recipes, does it say points (pts), points plus (pp) or smart points (sp)..if you are unsure, run the recipe thru an online recipe builder (sparkpeople has a good one) and then figure the points from the nutritional values; if you are doing Smart Points, use the WW recipe builder on the website.