A Quick Update

I just signed up for a Paint Nite and thus can knock No. 28 off  my #TheGoal30.  I still don't think I'll get everything done, but I'm still trying!!

Paint Nite was a tough one.  When I started doing these, my goal was to do one every month - I enjoyed them that much.  I'm no artist but it was something fun and different to do.  Last October my nephew and I discussed doing one together.  He was very artistic and I was eager to do something harder and hoped he could be there and help with that; he was interested in seeing how they do things in hopes of maybe getting a job doing it.  It was a win-win for both of us.  He died just 3 weeks after that conversation, before we ever got the chance to choose one.  That put a damper on Paint Nite's for me....I had 2 to get through after his death that I totally faked enjoyment through; and I did one that was a fundraiser for a project to build a place to help with addictions; I hated that one, it was the longest night of my life and I hated my final painting.  I think that one was hard because of the addiction thing; he had died from an overdose and that just put it back in front of me.  I haven't done one in a long time; so we'll see how this one goes.

I've been rather unhappy weight loss wise these past two weeks.  I keep thinking I'm doing so well and then turn around and lose very little or gain.  It's a frustrating process.

I have been doing very well with tracking and at least that gives me a place to look and see where I can do better!

So I'm just moving on........