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Sunday, September 25, 2016

So Isn't Kevin Spacey & The Walking Dead Suppose To Be On This Blog Too?

Why yes, yes they are as well as movies and life in general.

Frankly, my life in general is work and weight loss - sad I know, but it's the truth.

I'm a huge Kevin Spacey fan, have been since 2004.  I've had the pleasure of seeing him in concert (Atlantic City Beyond the Sea tour 2004), on Broadway 5 times (Moon For The Misbegotten 2007), an on stage interview (NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend 2011), an on stage speech in support of the arts (Kennedy Center D.C. 2011) and a Shakespeare play twice (Brooklyn 2012).  I also got to meet him at the stage door in 2007.  I hope to add many more times to this list.  If you go to my other blog - The Dog Ate My Sofa you can find the posts regarding all of that.  I don't update over there anymore, but I didn't want to lose all the fun times either!

I am a huge Walking Dead fan.  It's the only show I must watch when it's actually on (no taping or such).  I'm up to the same place as the show in the comics and decided to wait to the upcoming season is over to continue on.  I LOVE this show; yes, there are some things that never make sense but I just tell myself it's based off a comic, so don't expect reality.  And I watch each episode about 4 times before the next one comes on....but I've seen the whole series numerous times.  I'm that addicted.   Anyway, once the season starts there will be some walking dead posts.

CC and I hit a movie just about every week; again I plan on reviews here, but have been lazy about it. Horror movies (scary, not torture or slasher) are my favorites.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Points, Points Plus and Smart Points Are Not The Same Plan

I've been doing extremely bad food wise.  I'm hoping once my week starts over, I can get back on track.

I think I need to explain the point systems.  I'm still coming across people who don't think anything has changed but the name.  Case in point, my one cousin recently decided to rejoin WW online.  Two days later she has her favorite Halloween candy posted.  Someone asked her about WW and she replied she could still have them as 18 of them is only 140 calories.  I asked the point value because 140 calories really doesn't mean much in WW, she replied 3 pts.  That would be fine, but it just didn't seem correct to me because this particular candy is mostly sugar, so I searched the tracker plus rechecked with my calculator and yep they came to 8 pts!  I handed her the sad news and explained what nutritional values are needed to figure the new point system.  It made me wonder if she had joined online why she didn't know this.  I then remembered I had gotten her a calculator and such several years back and I'm betting she was using that, which is fine do the program you want; but there is no sense paying WW if you're not doing the current program - especially the online version.

Points, points, points.......WW introduced points many years ago.  In my opinion, the original point plan known simply as "Points" was just a fancy way to count calories.  It was much easier to remember that something was 2 pts rather than 113 calories for instance.  I'm sure there was more to it than that, but that's how I see it.  Points were calculated by calories, fat and fiber.  The plan evolved over the years it existed (1997-2010) but how the points were calculated did not, however there may have been a new plan name, we went from banking points to a weekly point allotment, etc..  But calories, fat and fiber was how you got the points.

At the end of 2010, WW introduced what they called Points Plus.  Points Plus existed from 2010 to 2015 and points were calculated from fat, carbs, fiber and protein.  This caused many "snacky" type treats to go up in points much to the dismay of many members.  Daily points & Weekly points increased as well.  This is still my favorite of all the plans - mostly because "carbs" are my evil, lol!

At the end of 2015, WW retired Points Plus and introduced Smart Points.  Smart Points are figured by calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein.  Needless to say all those sugary treats jumped in points by quite a lot.  This is definitely the healthier version of the 3; another change was that instead of everyone having the same amount of weekly points, everyone's weekly points are different depending on their activity level.

So you can take one item and get a different point value depending on the plan; you can't mix and match the plans; and you certainly can do one of the older plans if you want and can get a hold of a calculator for that program (check ebay) HOWEVER, if you do online it will be Smart Points; if you go to meetings it will be Smart Points.  Keep that in mind!

Also watch when using online recipes, does it say points (pts), points plus (pp) or smart points (sp)..if you are unsure, run the recipe thru an online recipe builder (sparkpeople has a good one) and then figure the points from the nutritional values; if you are doing Smart Points, use the WW recipe builder on the website.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan

I've had a busy week and it's about to get busier!

I was house sitting for my sister last week which involves a dog, goat and miniature horse.  Today I start house sitting at CC's which involves 2 dachshunds.  My weeks also involve work and my own crew at my house.  I think I won't be getting regular sleep until next Saturday, lol!

I haven't been doing well Weight Watchers wise, I'm just out of sync.  I've begun to relook at their Simply Filling Plan as the less points I have to calculate, the better.  With Simply Filling (SF), I can look at a list of food and eat from that without counting the points.  If I eat off the list, I still have my weekly points to accommodate.  If you're a WW member and know nothing about this plan (which wouldn't be surprising, WW doesn't advertise it), you can go here to learn more:  Simply Filling Plan and a printable list is here:  Simply Filling PDF.  The idea is to eat off this plan until you are "satisfied" not "stuffed".  The foods are "filling" foods so you can stay full longer.

Now let's face it, if I were able to stop eating when I'm "satisfied", I wouldn't need Weight Watchers! However, I've decided to continue weighing and measuring and staying with the normal portion sizes, but if I find I need a little more....I can do so without a point worry.  You can still use the WW App by simply going into your settings and switching from tracking to simply filling.  If you're a FaceBook member, I highly suggest this group:  Simply Filling - My Weight Watchers Plan of Choice to help with your journey.  There's lots of information there.

What you will discover with Simply Filling is that everyone makes their own "tweeks" to the program.  Remember that one person's tweeks may work for them, but not you and vice versa; and by "tweeks" I don't mean adding potato chips to the Simply Filling Food list, lol!  For instance, one "tweek" I'll be making is in the dairy section - all fat free dairy is considered SF and I can do fat free with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and such; but when it comes to actual cheese (slices, hunks) I can't do fat free, so my "tweek" is to do reduced fat instead and not count the points for it (on the norm you would have to take from your weekly allotment).  I can get away with this because I don't eat a lot of cheese.  If you're a cheese hog, you may not want to make this tweek.

The food list says I can eat any light bread and it is considered SF.  My light bread of choice is Aldi's Fit & Active Bread (white or wheat) but when I search it on the tracker it doesn't come up as SF, it wants me to count points.  This will happen sometimes, I have no idea why WW doesn't consider it SF as it comes out to 1 pt per slice like all the others and WW's can't even explain it to me.  However, I got around it by creating my own entry for it and putting 0 values in the nutritional area and thus it comes to 0 pts.  I put the "SF" in front of the name so I know that it is a SF entry; because if I switch to points, I'll know not to use that entry.  Again, it's a "tweek" I made as it makes no sense to have a food list that says I can eat light breads and then the tracker picks and chooses which brands are and aren't.  

If I find my weight stalling/gaining - tweeks will be the first place I'll need to look at.  Just keep tweeks in mind when doing it - to tweek or not tweek, that is the question!

Friday, September 16, 2016

#TheGoal30 Challenge Finale

Okay, so I didn't get them all complete; the pink highlights equals the things that kind of got done.  Number 1 was to walk at least 10,000 steps twice - I did that once; Number 27 was to clear the work desk clutter - I did that, but it was all back the next day, lol!

But that's how I did - how did you do?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trying to Get on Track

I'm really trying to get in the right mindset so I can lose this weight again.  It is so hard though.  I've always said if your mind is in the right place, the rest will follow.  My mind hasn't been in weight loss mode for some time.

CC and I restarted back at Weight Watchers last October!  Last October and I've lost 5 lbs. tops and I've lost that several times!  Not good.  I don't know if it's me or if it's Smart Points....I'm having a hard time figuring that out.

I'm house sitting for my sister most of this week and then all next week for CC.  It'll be very busy as I also need to take care of my animals as well.  I'm hoping to get under control sometime within this time period.  I only needed to catch myself once in a mirror here and it somewhat horrified me!  I really do need to lose weight, not only for health reason but just for myself as well.

I'm hoping the Fall weather that is coming in stays for a while, it does make it easier to do longer dog walks.  Exercise is just not at the top of my list.

But I need to get my butt in gear!

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Quick Update

I just signed up for a Paint Nite and thus can knock No. 28 off  my #TheGoal30.  I still don't think I'll get everything done, but I'm still trying!!

Paint Nite was a tough one.  When I started doing these, my goal was to do one every month - I enjoyed them that much.  I'm no artist but it was something fun and different to do.  Last October my nephew and I discussed doing one together.  He was very artistic and I was eager to do something harder and hoped he could be there and help with that; he was interested in seeing how they do things in hopes of maybe getting a job doing it.  It was a win-win for both of us.  He died just 3 weeks after that conversation, before we ever got the chance to choose one.  That put a damper on Paint Nite's for me....I had 2 to get through after his death that I totally faked enjoyment through; and I did one that was a fundraiser for a project to build a place to help with addictions; I hated that one, it was the longest night of my life and I hated my final painting.  I think that one was hard because of the addiction thing; he had died from an overdose and that just put it back in front of me.  I haven't done one in a long time; so we'll see how this one goes.

I've been rather unhappy weight loss wise these past two weeks.  I keep thinking I'm doing so well and then turn around and lose very little or gain.  It's a frustrating process.

I have been doing very well with tracking and at least that gives me a place to look and see where I can do better!

So I'm just moving on........