The Goal 30 So Far

So #TheGoal30 day challenge is off to a start and I've knocked off No. 30 due to blogging/tweeting/instagraming about the challenge; last night I knocked off No. 22 which was to watch a documentary on health/food.

I chose "Hungry for Change" on Netflix.  It dealt with how pre-packaged meals make you crave more therefore addicting you to it and thus causing weight gain and such with sugar being the biggest evil.  It was an interesting watch and eye opening in many areas.  It kind of lost me though when the people in it started saying you need to eat whole organic foods only and when at all possible go to a farm to buy your milk and vegetables.  Yeah, I get that but that isn't doable for a lot of people.  But there is some good info in this documentary, I learned a lot.

I also hit 1/2 of my No. 1 - to walk 10,000 steps twice in 30 days.  Yesterday I managed 13,597!  Mostly thanks to going to yard sales, shopping and dog walks.

I know my fitness goals may not seem like a lot.  Most people already walk 10,000 or more a day.  I'm just not an active person, so these smaller types things are actually a big stepping stone to me!

We did eat out at work on Friday which put my No. 8 to work.  I got the crab cake sandwich and it came with fries (yikes!).  I ditched the roll and ate just the crab cake (I always eat them plain so there's never a worry about tartar or cocktail sauce), I ate 1/4 of the fries then ditched the rest and ate the grapes that I had brought.  So I did very well!

Yesterday while shopping I bought a notebook for my prayer journal (No. 14) and today I get to put No. 24 to work at my Parent's house for Sunday Dinner!  My Mother is an awesome cook and it's hard to stay under control there - wish me luck!