Ordering Out

I'm really not sure how much of the #TheGoal30 I'm going to get complete....I get excited when I can mark off but when I look at the list, whew!  There's still a lot to do!

I have done well eating out at work (#8).  We have a local bar that does this awesome Hot Roast Beef Sandwich once a month - the beef tastes just like my mother's!  The special was this week, so on Wednesday we called the order in; since we do "to go" we get the gravy on the side.  To lighten things up a bit, I took my own bread to work (2 slices for 2 sp).  So I ditched their bread and used my own! With gravy on the side, I only used half of it and instead of french fries, I got mashed potatoes instead!  I figured lunch at about 13 sp; that still seems like a lot but had I used their bread and fries, I was looking at probably 20 or more sp.

On Tuesday, I opted to go to Panera Bread, but I got online and figured everything out ahead of time.  If you go to their online ordering area (I wasn't ordering online but it was the only place I could find this feature), it would let me customize any sandwich.  I chose the Frontego Chicken Panini.  As is, this sandwich will cost you 21 sp - yep, you read that right!  I lightened it up by changing the Focaccia bread to Whole Grain Bread; opted no mayo and went with spicy mustard instead; traded the mozzarella cheese for swiss and made the swiss cheese a "light" portion.  So what point value did I end up with?  7 sp!  Just those few changes took off 14 points!  I then wrote down what I wanted and went to the restaurant and ordered!  I even went with the chips (4 sp) instead of an apple since I saved so many points.

One thing I did learn from their customizer; if you switch out the bread on any sandwich to Whole Grain Bread, it knocks the calories nearly in half!  Still want your mayo?  Order it on the side (yes they'll do that) and control how much goes on.  And order your cheese "light"; you aren't getting a reduced fat cheese, just the amount they put on it.  You'll find this customizer at:  Panera Bread.

On Thursday, I went to Wendy's where 1 small chili, a side salad with light ranch dressing and 1/2 pack of croutons and 4 chicken nuggets cost me 13 pts.  This one was the most unsatisfying...it left me hungry!  I do love their chili though and maybe a large portion (7 sp) will be the way to go next time!