A Three Pound Loss!

So my first week doing Smart Points correctly and completely resulted in a 3 pound loss - I was thrilled!

I'm still not loving it entirely; when I hear people say: 

"I've done all the point plans and this is the only one I never felt hungry on."

"All my sweet cravings went away and I could care less if I had them anymore."

I could just gag - neither of these are true to me!

It wasn't until the meeting this week that I realized most people aren't aware that the points plan changed.  CC and I were telling everyone we were doing Smart Points and the new lady next to me asked me what we were talking about; what was meant by Smart Points.  She apparently did the program 14 years ago - I explained to her that she did the original Point plan and that there had been another Point plan between that one and Smart Points and the nutritional values to calculate the points are entirely different.  She seemed surprised.

Anyway, I normally don't crave sugar, I crave salt.  So my sugar cravings aren't going away....and sometimes I'm just hungry for something more sustainable - pizza for instant.  Yes, I can have pizza but the points are rather high so I often rethink having it; but there are some days I just want that "I'm stuffed and can't eat another thing" - I know that seems silly, but it is there, lol!

I'm really really hoping I can continue and get back to losing this weight AGAIN.

Also one of my favorited blogs is back - Beth's Journey - Beth has one of those famous weight loss blogs, glad to see her back!

And my lunch today:

It totaled 9 sp, but only ended up being 6 as I didn't eat the yogurt - I was just too full!  But in the event you are wondering what you're looking at:  3 oz. albacore tuna (1 sp); 16 reduced fat wheat thins (4 sp); 1 light babybel cheese (1 sp); cucumber (0 sp), 2 clementine oranges (0 sp), 1 cup of grapes (0 sp) and of course the yogurt (3 sp).  I get rather bored with sandwiches, so this is a nice alternative.