Yard Sales!

Spring is here and CC and I are finally starting our yard selling.  We don't sell, but love going to them.  If you're someone that sells and really want to have a successful one, may we suggest the following:

1.   Stained and overly worn clothes are a no-no; these are trash.  You obviously don't want to wear them and neither do any of your buyers.

2.   Don't expect the price you paid for the item.  If you're looking for top dollar, then sell on a FB Yard Sale site; Craigslist; Ebay; Auction, etc...

3.    Longaberger.   Remember like 15 years ago when no one could get enough of those Longaberger baskets and pottery?  Remember when they convinced us how those items would go up in value? Remember how we all over bought thinking it was a good investment?  Yeah, well we all know that didn't happen.  And guess what?  No one wants Longaberger and they really don't want it if you price it for what you bought it for - it's no longer worth that.  As a matter of fact, Longaberger is worthless....so if you really want to get rid of it, you need to price it cheap.  CC and I hit several sales yesterday with Longaberger cheaply priced...the buyers still weren't buying it.

4.   PRICE YOUR ITEMS!!  No one likes yard sales where nothing is priced!  How lazy are you?  Don't hang "Make An Offer" signs either, because you won't accept the offer anyway.

5.   Watch what you're talking about, buyers listen.  CC and I were once at a yard sale, where a truck drove down the street.  The lady began telling her friend about the guy that was driving the truck...how he had done bad things but had really overcome everything and got his life together.  Unknown to them, one of their customers was the guy's wife.  She left without saying anything but within minutes he was at the yard sale to say he didn't appreciate them talking about him (yes, what a big tough man he was verbally attacking 2 women - and yes I say that sarcastically).  Anyway, once he realized the "talk" was more about how great it was he had overcome everything...it ended nicely. But keep in mind - your customers are within ear shot of your conversations!

6.   If you're prices aren't negotiable, don't hang signs that say they are or make announcements that they are.  I once was looking at a wine rack priced at $5.00.  Prices were negotiable, so I offered $3.00; yeah well the woman could not let that go for less than $5.00 she had paid a whole lot more for it and the $5.00 was actually a steal.  So the price wasn't negotiable then right?

7.  Clean the items - dust them off; no one wants to feel like they need a shower after leaving your sale!  I've been to sales where there are dead bugs laying in dishes

8.   Nothing is worse than seeing signs or an ad that says "Community Yard Sale" and 95% of the community are not participating!  It's not a community yard sale....just saying!


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