"Unofficially" Weight Watchers

I came across another unofficial Weight Watchers app which is becoming my very very favorite.  Weight Watchers could learn a lot from the designers of this app.  While Weight Watchers' app continues to "semi" work with no true end date in sight for full and correct function; this app will give you that.  I should also mention that the WW app issues are all with one program-Smart Points.  With this app you can do either Smart Points, Points Plus, Original Points or Count Calories.

You read that right....yes, it is possible to offer more than one program.

When I first started looking for another app, iTrackBites was often recommended.  The problem was that they had gone full force with the iPhone app; but kind of left the Android one in the dust.  Recently they did a full upgrade of the Android app (Yay!).  If you head on over to the Google Play store now; you can get this app (and all the extra features) for a one time cost of $1.99!!  You can't beat that; this price is only temporary and will last to the next upgrade; then the cost increases to $3.99 and the extra features come at an additional cost.

The special price isn't available to iPhone users; and even if you miss the special deal with Android, the app is still worth the full price cost - it is also worth the additional costs for the extra features.

I feel it's a shame that you pay for WW and they can't offer a correct functioning app and you have to find it elsewhere....but at least when you leave WW, you still have a functioning app!