The Walking Dead

I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan....I mean H U G E !!!

Once the TV series started, I also dove into the comics when a friend bought me 2 issues.  I've never turned back.  Though the comics are great...I'm partial to the TV series as that's where I started.

Let's talk this season's finale:

Like just about everyone....I hated the way it ended.  Let's kill someone, but not show you who...we'll save that until next season.  A cliffhanger!

I didn't hate it because it ended with a cliffhanger; I hated it because to get the total impact from that particular death, you needed to complete the scene.  I'm rather thinking by October; the tension and emotions the audience was feeling will be gone and well, the death won't have as much impact as it should.

Besides that though, I LOVED the episode.  I hear lots of complaints about the episode; but the complaints are pointless because they were pretty much explained, pay attention people!!

1.   How did The Saviors know that anyone would be leaving Alexandria?  
Where were you the week before?  Remember that Glen, Daryl, Michonne and Rosita had ventured out and been captured; Daryl was even shot and injured.  Sooner or later they knew the rest would come looking for them.  But, Maggie got sick (which I believe was just a tool used to have her in the final line up).  There's rumors among fans that the Enid is a Savior spy and gave Maggie poisoned pickles so they'd have to go out; but that seems a little far fetched to me.  If Enid were a Savior; Negan and crew would of showed up long ago.  (When the Wolves were the enemy, rumor was that Enid was a Wolf....she can't be everything).

2.  How did they know when and where they would be?  How'd they roadblock with logs in such a small amount of time?  How'd they get them to an exact location?

The Saviors have been watching Alexandria, we know this because on the episode where Dwight kills Denise; he tells Daryl and Rosita what a nice place Alexandria is.  Also, when Carol meets the truck of Saviors on the road; they know exactly where she came from and tell her so.  So they've been watching and learning (something Rick failed to do).

 I seriously doubt that the log roadblock happened overnight; remember The Saviors live in the area and know it well plus they control the whole area.  I think the logs have been there for sometime; an obstacle they use to keep track of who's coming and going - make it difficult.

There are lots of Saviors, much more then you can imagine; so they can be everywhere.  Every time Rick and crew hit a roadblock; they had to back up, pull out a map and find another route.  In the meantime the Saviors kept blocking them in...even if they had turned around they'd of been blocked from getting to Alexandria.  So they blocked them, maneuvered them and got them right where they needed them to be.

3.  If there are so many; why'd they waste so much time on capturing Rick and crew?

Again, pay attention.  Negan told them it was "Career Day" and he wanted to show them exactly what he was capable of doing.  Plus it was a tool to break them down, play with them, let them feel the fear.

4.  They played up Negan so much until his reveal; but he came across as comical.

That's Negan - he's exactly the same as in the comics.  Negan is bigger than life and I think on The Talking Dead they described him as "The Star of his Own Movie"....that would be accurate and if you re-watch the scene, it was like watching a play.  We got the audience there and all in place and then we swing open the door and "here's the man" - TA-DA!

And isn't  Jeffrey Dean Morgan GORGEOUS!!!  What a great Negan!  It's going to be hard to totally hate him; he's too sexy!